London International Shipping Week

 14 Sep 2017

For us, London Shipping Week started at 7am on Tuesday and ended exactly 36 hours later back in Glasgow and involved probably a gallon of coffee.   We had planned out the seminars that we wanted to ... read more

Burning Bridges

 7 Sep 2017

I have spent quite a lot of time mentoring colleagues throughout my career and I often get asked for snippets of advice; one of the key things that I keep coming back to is “Don’t Burn Your Bridges” a... read more


 31 Aug 2017

After reading a number of articles and books about sales negotiations over the years, as well as several recent conversations about this matter recently, I must admit that I was surprised to hear such... read more

Banker vs Recruiter

 24 Aug 2017

Having spent all of my professional career in one of these two much-maligned industries - Investment Banking and Recruitment – and being over 2 years into my current role as Managing Director and owne... read more

Employment Relations strategy

 17 Aug 2017

The recent appeal to the Supreme Court, and unanimous ruling that employment tribunal fees are unlawful, has brought attention back to employment rights and what impact this may have on employers. Sin... read more


 10 Aug 2017

As pupils across Scotland received their exam results this week and #nowrongpath started trending across social media we have been discussing the impact of education on our careers.  In our own team, ... read more

What’s your message?

 3 Aug 2017

The dismissal of Anthony Scaramucci after ten days as communications chief for Donald Trump has got us thinking about marketing and communications this week. The way we interact with our customers has... read more

How to avoid a recruitment 'scam'

 27 Jul 2017

Some people love to hate our industry and this can be a bitter pill to swallow for those of us that truly operate with integrity and value our trusted partnerships with candidates and clients. It is a... read more

The power of feedback

 20 Jul 2017

To coincide with the launch of our new website testimonial page we thought we would consider the power of feedback and the potential benefits for both companies and the individual. High performing co... read more

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