Job Hunt Tips #5 – Do you have the experience?

 22 Mar 2017

Do you have the correct experience for the job that you are applying for?  Are you spending your most valuable asset, time, applying for a position that you have no chance of getting?

I’m not being negative here but let’s be realistic.  A recent graduate is not going to get an interview for a senior management position that stipulates a minimum of 10 years’ experience is essential to be considered. 

Every day we will receive applications for some reasonably senior positions from candidates that have no remotely similar experience on their CV.  Forbes magazine stated that on average 118 people apply for every position. If you are consistently applying for jobs that you will not be considered for you will waste a considerable amount of your own time and that of the recruiter / HR team / hiring manager.  Looking at this behaviour long term you run the risk of discrediting yourself when you apply to a suitable position.  If you spend 45 minutes every day applying for unsuitable positions for one year by the end of the year you will have wasted a total of 11.4 days.  You would have been better buying a book on HTML and learning to code so you have a nice shiny new skill to add to your CV.

On the other hand, many candidates omit certain details from their CV that would be crucial to their application being successful.  You would be amazed how often this happens.  Unfortunately, most recruiters are not mind readers.  If you do have the experience required, make sure and update your CV and demonstrate the skills that you have.  Use the job description, if it asks for certain experience or skills that you have make sure they are on your CV.

Simply put if you have the experience make it obvious, if you don’t and this is a career that you really want to pursue, train yourself up or find out the level that your experience would allow you to apply for and pursue it.  If you are just applying on a whim with no relative experience go to the cinema instead.


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