TFI - Lowri Deehan

TFI - Lowri Deehan

 18 May 2018

What is your name?
Lowri Deehan
What do you do for a living in 10 words?
Work in HR within the Wine & Spirits sector.
Where do you currently reside?
Near Glasgow
  1. Tell us about the worst interview you’ve had so far?
I can’t think of a really bad one to be honest, but usually its nerves, I think they can completely take over someone and it can really be the difference between a great interview and a not so great interview.
  1. What did you want to do when you were a kid?
A few things, obviously an actress…doesn’t everyone? Haha! But then a criminal psychologist and a teacher too.
  1. What was the best piece of advice you received in your career?
Keep dreaming big, always have your eye on your end goal and work hard to achieve it because it won’t be given to you on a plate.
  1. Who did you idolise when growing up?
My Dad, he worked tirelessly in his career and made it to the top position in his company.  Having got no qualifications at school this was all through hard work and determination, something which I still look up to him for. 
  1. Do you have any morning rituals?
I need to have a coffee first thing when I arrive in the office, it may be psychological but it sets me up for the day.
  1. What do you enjoy the most about your current job?
That no one day is the same, working in HR you get to be involved in projects and big recruitment drives while also working away on the day to day things.  The days and weeks fly by and we have a really great team.
  1. Is there one book that you have read more than twice?
Rebecca by Daphine Du Maurier  - we did it in school and I love it so much still to this day.
  1. What memories do you have of your first ever job?
Great ones, a lot of laughs and it was my first real experience of adult hood.  That first pay slip I got was fab as I had worked for it
  1. What is an embarrassing thing that not many people would know about you? (for example, have you ever been on a game show or something similar)
I was once in More magazine in the High street style section, they used to stop people on the street and ask them about their outfit and where you got it etc.  I was quite chuffed at the time but now reading back what I said I just cringe at the whole thing – thank goodness its no longer in print! (showing my age)




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