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 31 May 2018

Part-time working, flexible hours and job share are all terms that are becoming increasingly popular.  Traditionally it was seen as a luxury, only available to parents, however since 2014 when the government extended the ‘right to request reduced hours’ to all those who have been with the same company for six months, regardless or whether they are parents of not, the change has been hugely welcomed. 
For me, the decision to go part-time came after having my daughter in summer 2016. I returned to work in May 2017 on a part-time basis.  I chose this because I wanted to achieve the best possible work/life balance for me and my family.  I wanted the opportunity to watch my daughter grow-up however it was also important for me to return to work because a) we all need an income and b) I enjoy what I do!
I negotiated a reduction in my working week from 37 hours over 5 days to 21 hours over 3 days.  Since then, I haven’t looked back!  I’ve found so many positives from working part-time:
I can organise like a pro
Juggling family life, childcare, commuting and work can be a difficult task at times, but it does teach you how to be organised! Better organising = better productivity
I’m more focused
At home I am ‘Mum’ but when I get into the office, I am an employee with an important and fulfilling job to do.  I have become less distracted by what goes on around me and have become more dedicated to my job.
I’ve found time to learn
Maybe it’s the extra head space that part-time work has given me but in October 2017 I decided to start a part-time uni course on a subject that I have always been interested in but never been able to explore.  Learning new things is fantastic for the soul!
I am happier
The balance of work and life is so important.  I am happiest when I am with my family.  By reducing my working hours, it has given me more time to spend doing things I love to do.  And really, that’s what life is all about.
Employers can benefit too…
The positives don’t just stop with the employee, employers can also benefit from flexible work schedules.
  • Employee morale can increase and with it, commitment and engagement to the company.
  • Reduced turnover of staff
  • Ability to extend hours of operation.  If employees choose to work early in the morning or late into the evening it can allow you to service your customers/clients much better.
  • Builds image as an employer of choice by allowing staff a better work-life balance.
To find out more about flexible working within the UK, click here https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/work/rights-at-work/flexible-working/flexible-working-what-is-it/
(By Becca Hall)


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