Time for a change?

6 signs you are in the wrong job

 7 Jun 2018

From a young age I never really knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.   As kids I think we all have ideas of being doctors, movie stars, musicians etc…but a lot of these pipe dreams never come to anything.  
So what do you do when you find yourself 3yrs/5yrs/10yrs into a career and start to wonder why you ever chose this path?  What actually got me thinking about this was reading my friends ‘Friday Interview’.   She was at University and decided to drop out and go off on a different path before returning to university and completing her degree.  Sometimes the paths that we see for ourselves don’t always turn out the way we expected but that doesn’t for one minute mean its not going to work out.   Sometimes we just need to live a bit and learn more about the world to make us realise what you want, which in turn makes us more determined to get it.  
What are the signs that you need a change:
  • Boredom – are you constantly bored in your role and no longer challenged?
  • Personal development – have you been stuck in the same position for ages without any scope for progression?
  • Monday dread – do you worry and fret on a Sunday at the thought of going into work?
  • Mood – are you constantly moaning about your job to your friends?
  • Work/Life Balance – are you made to work lengthy hours and take work home?
  • Feeling Stressed – Are you constantly stressed and feeling overworked and underappreciated?
If you are sitting at work at the moment and thinking this is not the career/job you wanted…then it’s time to get that thinking cap on and think about what you do want.   Whether you are looking to simply change the company you work for or take your career in a whole new direction there are always options. 
As someone once said…its NEVER to late to learn! It may take some hard work and determination but it is definitely possible.   Whether that’s taking on a night class to gain an extra qualification or doing some voluntary work to gain experience in a new sector.


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