Job Hunt Tips #6 - Networking

 22 Mar 2017

Have you ever heard of the term 6 degrees of separation?

I think the first time I heard of this concept it was from a Malcolm Gladwell book and he described how they started with a young man working in a kebab shop in Turkey and got to Barack Obama in the White House through six people. 

It is crazy to think that in a world with a population of 6.6 billion people that we can be connected to anyone via a small number of acquaintances but studies have shown it to be true.  In actual fact, the number the studies came up with was 6.6, which is still pretty remarkable.

Surely it is critical then that we learn this and use it to our advantage when networking.  Obviously, networking isn’t a one way street and we have to pay it forward by offering value to our network.  Personally, I believe it to critical that we give more value to our network than we actually receive or ask for. 

If you are a Job hunter that wants to strengthen their existing network and then attempt to grow out this network there are plenty of small ways in which you can do so.  Simply volunteering for a charity or at an event, mentoring someone that has just came into your industry and assisting in the organization of your child’s sports teams or clubs are all small ways where you can donate some of your time and experience and strengthen and grow your network.

If you wanted to push the envelope that bit further you could set up a networking event that would scratch your own itch and give other people the opportunity to do the same.

Our day to day world is filled with opportunities for us to offer value to the people in our network and grow our network.  We must take advantage of these opportunities wherever they lie.


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