World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever

 21 Jun 2018

With the World Cup in full swing (and what a delight it has been so far!) we thought it would be fun to think about what makes a successful team on the pitch, and how these attributes can be applied to a high-performing team in the office.
  1. The Gaffer
All successful World Cup winning teams have been blessed with an inspiring Manager/Coach, able to provide outstanding leadership with a clear vision. It is up to the manager to make big decisions in terms of team selection, formation, organisation and substitutions during the course of a game that can mean the difference between a win or a loss.
  1. The Squad – Strength in depth
Every successful team needs a group of talented players/consultants with exceptional individual ability but that are able to gel as a team, it is vital that:
  1. Each player contributes equally and works for the team - team cooperation is key.
  2. Constructive Communication
    1. Each player offers other support when times are hard.
  3. Appreciation All Around – each team member shows appreciation for the others when things are going well!
  4. They're organised....(see point 1)
  1. Diverse Skillsets
It is important that your team is as diverse as possible. Diversity is directly correlated with successful teams everywhere from the make-up of Fortune 500 Boards of Directors to early-stage start-ups; you need a playmaker, a skilful winger, a strong centre half and a safe pair of hands in goal.
  1. Passion and Desire
You have to WANT it! Each and every last one of you.
  1. Putting in the time
For any team – sports or otherwise – it is important to dedicate time to what you want to achieve. Team success only comes with effective planning and plenty of practice/training. If at first you don’t succeed…
  1. The Referee (AKA Compliance)          
The ref can play a vital role in any team’s success and unfortunately we don’t have VAR in the office to pick up on any GDPR breaches but a strong, fair and well-connected Ref (Compliance Officer) can make a big difference to any team’s overall success.
  1. They Think it’s All Over…..
    1. Finally, all successful teams, without exception, have FUN and enjoy what they do.
Enjoy the rest of the World Cup, whoever you are supporting!



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