When the result doesn't go your way

When the result doesn't go your way

 28 Jun 2018

We really do have World Cup Fever in our office at the moment.  Last week Matt's blog focused on what makes a successful team on the pitch, and how these attributes can be applied to a high-performing team in the office.  This week I still have football on the brain and after watching the shock finish of the Germany / South Korea game yesterday, the fans and footballers reaction got me thinking about how to deal with situations when you don't get the result you hoped for.  
For most football lovers and patriots out there the World Cup is such an important event.  Its not the same as league games that happen every week.  So when the result doesn't go your way how do you bounce back and deal with that.
For the team they will be able to look back at their performance, review what worked and what didn't and from there can look to improve for future games.  It''s the same in the recruitment world.  If you go for that all important interview and you don't get the feedback you wanted or expected you need to take a step back and look at what went wrong.
Tips for dealing with interview rejection:
1. Ask for feedback - If you are not automatically given feedback I would definitely recommend you ask for some.   Its natural to get nervous at interviews but if you get constructive feedback then it gives you something to work on and improve on which in turn should hopefully make you more confident the next time around.
2. Remember some things are out with your control - It's disappointing when you think you are perfect for the job but you were still unsuccessful.  But you never know who else has applied for the role.  There could be internal candidates that know the business/industry that gives them an upperhand.  
3. Try and stay positive - Dealing with rejection is hard but always try and find a positive spin.  Hopefully you can learn from any feedback given or if you know you performed to the best of your ability then maybe it just wasn't the role for you, remember there will be other opportunities around the corner.
4. Don’t hold onto that rejection - Rejection is always likely to knock your confidence but you need to make sure you don’t take that rejection into your next interview.  It’s important to approach each interview with a fresh new positive outlook. 
Preparation is key for interviews so ensure you find out as much about an interview before you go (i.e who is interviewing you, what type of interview will it be, how many interview stages there are etc) Having this information will help you prepare which in turn will hopefully avoid you dealing with any rejection.




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