The Recruiter / Candidate Relationship

The Recruiter / Candidate Relationship

 12 Jul 2018

One of our team received a lovely email this week from a candidate she has been working with.  The candidate was thanking her for all the help and support she had received during the recruitment process.  An email like this really makes our job worthwhile and it got us thinking about the relationships we build with our candidates. 
We’ve put together a list of 3 important factors that we believe build a strong foundation to the recruiter/candidate relationship:
Open Communication
The start of any good relationship comes down to communication.  Honest and open communication is key to building and sustaining long-term relationships. Both candidates and recruiters need to be transparent in what they want as an end result.  For example, a candidate needs to be open about what they do in their current role, what they want from a new position and their ambitions for progression.  Likewise, recruiters need to be transparent with candidates.  If a candidate’s skill set does not match the role that they want to apply for, then the recruiter has to be honest.  
Sharing Knowledge
Knowledge sharing empowers all.  Recruiters have inside knowledge about the sector they specialise in and understand the skills that their clients are looking for.  Similarly, so much of industry knowledge comes from the candidate.  Sharing knowledge between recruiter and candidate builds a strong connection and level of respect that is essential in any relationship.   
Responsiveness is vital for both parties. For a candidate who is looking for a new position, time is hugely important and they need a recruiter who will respond to their needs effectively. For example, responding to any questions or queries that the candidate has or keeping the candidate updated on each stage of the recruitment process e.g. interview stage/offer etc.  Similarly the recruiter is only capable of doing their job if the candidate is forthcoming with their time.  For example, if a recruiter suggests the candidate makes changes to their CV to better present themselves, the candidate needs to invest in the time to do this. 
At Red, we always aim to put the candidates first and ensure that we provide the best possible service.  You can read what candidates have said about us here -




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