Girl Power

Girl Power

 26 Jul 2018

It was revealed earlier this month the theme for next years World Maritime day will be ‘Empowering Women in the Maritime Community’
The Maritime industry is still definitely male dominated, with it reported that only approx 2% of the worlds maritime workforce are women. 
The main reasons for the lack of women within the industry are:
  1. Awareness – Previously women have not really been aware of the career opportunities available within the industry.  It was probably never something that was promoted to them when they were looking at career options as it was not thought of as a job for women. 
  2. It’s a male dominated environment – This can be off putting for a women at any stage of their career, especially if you are just starting out. 
  3. It’s a man’s job – There are unfortunately certain roles that some people believe are a man’s job (ie if they are physically demanding)
  4. Family life – Any parent will struggle being away from home and away from their kids but this does affect a women more.  Maternity rights are in place although, as mentioned above, a lot of people are not aware of the rights and benefits available. 
It is great to see that there is more being done to encourage woman into the market.  Earlier this year AIDA Cruises, in Germany appointed their first female captain, who is now also the highest-ranking woman on a cruise ship in Germany.  In 2016 it was Belinda Bennett who was breaking barriers by becoming Windstars first female and black Captain, but also she was the first black female captain in the commercial cruise industry.  Back in 2015 Celebrity Cruises made the headlines when they appointed, Kate McCue as their first American female to captain a mega-cruise ship.  Also in 2015 Courtney Hansen, ‘created history’ after becoming the first permanent female captain with Sea Swifts. 
Seeing women succeeding, in what is usually known as a mans world, is fabulous and we hope as the years go on we see more and more women moving into Maritime roles.  
So kids, students and job seekers out there never let anyone tell you it’s not possible.  Be the one to break those barriers - Choose your own career path and don’t let anything get in your way.


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