Choosing the right job

Choosing the right job

 9 Aug 2018

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have more than one job offer on the table? How do you ensure that you choose the right one?
We recently had a candidate who found herself in this position.  She had been offered a promotion at work that she was interested in pursuing, it would give her more responsibility and would increase her salary.  She was then offered a job, by another company, where the role was very attractive to her, however the pay was substantially lower than her promotion rate.
Neither option would be a bad choice but whatever decision she made it would have a huge impact on the rest of her working life.
So how do you choose? 
There are several factors that you need to look at:
What do you need to earn?
We all have to pay the bills.  If one role isn’t paying enough to cover your financial commitments then it probably isn’t even an option. However if the new position is so attractive that you’re willing to rejig your finances, then of course it is something that you should consider carefully.  That being said, never take a pay cut that will increase the stress in your life.
What role is more interesting?
Think about what sounds more appealing in terms of industry, responsibilities and office culture.  If a job fits with your personality then it should be carefully considered.
Which offers you more experience for the next job?
Whilst it’s nice to think that this job might be the last one you’ll ever have to look at, no one can ever guarantee that your job is 100% secure.  If you were to be made redundant in 2 years time, which job gives you the experience that will make you more marketable to other companies? 
What about growth?
A job may seem attractive right now but will it allow you to grow?  Could you become bored? Will it challenge you enough in a few years time? These are important questions to think about to ensure you make a good long-
term decision. 
What is your heart telling you?
Trust your intuition. If one role feels ‘right’ then go with it.
If you ever find yourself in a position where you have one or more job offers and don’t know which one to choose, then write your thoughts down on paper with the above factors in mind.  Sleep on it then re-read it in the morning.  Whatever decision you make, run with it and don’t look back!  If it doesn’t work out, give us a call and we will be happy to help 


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