TFI - Michael Wright

TFI - Michael Wright

 31 Aug 2018

What is your name?
Michael Wright
What do you do for a living in 10 words?
I survey commercial properties for companies seeking to buy them.
Where do you currently reside?
Stirling (the former capital of Scotland)
  1. Who did you idolise when growing up?
Haile Gebrselassie, a retired Ethiopian long-distance track and road running athlete. He won two Olympic gold medals over 10,000 metres and four World Championship titles in the event when I was growing up. Since I was nine years old, I have been a keen endurance athlete, and I idolised this successful African athlete who never had a bad word to say of his competitors, and who could never stop smiling.
  1. What memories do you have of your first ever job?
Stacking shelves in my local Morrisons. What it lacked in rewards, it made up for in…….no, in fact, it didn’t make up for anything. I don’t look back fondly on the experience.  Although it did teach me the importance of studying hard, and ultimately finding my way into a career that I enjoy immensely.
  1. What has been the best piece of advice you have received in your career so far?
C. Northcote Parkinson, a British Political Scientist between 1909 and 1993 quipped 
‘The chief product of an automated society is a widespread and deepening sense of boredom.’
On the basis that Parkinson only lived until 1993, and considering the automation we are subject to these days, we must live in a very boring world. When businesses start to think it is okay to vacate the High Street, and thereby leave the customer to self-serve themselves via the medium of the internet, therein lies the opportunity for smaller businesses to grow through embracing the concept that customers may in fact value face-to-face business transactions (I know I do).
  1. What would you class as your biggest achievement so far?
Getting a ‘C’ in Intermediate 2 Chemistry. What I understood about that subject, I could have written on the back of my hand, and even a ‘C’ pass in that subject was beyond the dreams of avarice for me. Other than that, my biggest achievement was probably running 2:28.28 at the 2015 London Marathon to finish 60th. A lot of work went into that marathon, my first one. The aim was sub-2:30, and the sense of satisfaction in seeing four months of work culminate in my reaching my goal was immense.
  1. Do you have any goals (career or personal) set for 2018 and beyond?
I am currently studying for a distance learning Masters (MSc) in Building Conservation at Heriot-Watt University. I have completed all of the exams, and the only thing sitting between me and prize is a dissertation, which I am struggling to get much traction on, and which is hanging over me like the sword of Damocles. So I want to get that finished, and get my Masters.
  1. Tell us what a typical day at work looks like?
Get out the house, survey some commercial office property, maybe back into the office in the afternoon to deal with e-mails, and then find time in the evening for some running with my local athletic club. Late evenings are likely taken up by dealing with e-mails for my local athletic club (as I sit as Secretary) and watch Newsnight.
  1. Describe yourself in 3 words?
Too much energy
  1. What is your favourite movie?
Chariots of Fire. An utterly compelling film that did not rely on multi-million pound budgets or special effects (or any sequels to support a lucrative film franchise), but rather on an authentic and inspiring script delivered by eloquent British actors, which studies the self-sacrificing measures some will go to in order to achieve success, and also the conflicts that people face from the “progressive” world around them as they try to stay true to their conscience.
  1. If you could invite anyone (dead or alive) for dinner who would you invite?
Oscar Wilde; my favourite author. We will exchange epigrams to each other as we sip good wine and talk about the nature of sin, morality, art and beauty.



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