Job Hunt Tips #8 – One CV per job

 28 Mar 2017

For me this must be one of the best practices that you can take up when you are looking for a new job.  Writing a new CV for every job that you apply for is of the utmost importance.  I understand that most of us don’t apply for a job all that often which will usually mean that we might lack confidence and feel embarrassed by really selling ourselves on this document.  This also leads us down a path where we don’t really ask anyone for feedback on our CV before we submit it for what could be our dream job. 
This is something that, if we can get over (and we must), can lead us down a very different, more positive path, a path that leads to our new post with that shiny new calculator, brand new pack of bic pens and a fresh Q-Connect pink highlighter all in the top drawer of our new desk.
Every job that you apply for gives you an opportunity to practice your CV writing skills, improving your CV and your overall confidence in the document.  I must stress the importance of creating one CV for each job that you apply for.  For example, you might apply for one role that as part of the Job Description it says it is essential to have SQL experience to be successful in your application.  You might have used SQL in all of your last 5 positions but have only mentioned it once in your CV.  This is your opportunity to wax lyrical, and honestly of course, about your SQL experience otherwise your CV might just be discounted. 
Alternatively, the next position that you apply for might ask for something different that you have also been using in most of your previous positions.  You MUST then start again and write a new CV making sure that all of the essentials that are required as well as any of the preferred skills that are mentioned stand out and can be easily interpreted by the recruiter / hiring manager that will be reviewing your CV.
This will be a time consuming practice but if you have a plan and are focussed on applying only for the positions that you have a chance of actually getting then you will not be wasting your time.  Most candidates don’t do this and you can tell when a CV matches a job profile or is just a generic CV, this presents you with an excellent opportunity to stand out as a strong candidate when others simply can’t be bothered.
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


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