TFI - Chris Munoz

TFI - Chris Munoz

 7 Sep 2018

What is your name?
Chris Munoz
What do you do for a living in 10 words or less?
I develop marketing strategies and maintain business relationships for CommsMasters
Where do you currently reside?
  1. Who did you idolise when growing up?
As a kid, it was Bruce Lee. I remember my dad had every single one of his films on tape (remember those?) and we would spend every weekend going through his entire film catalogue, which would inevitably result in me trying to re-create his famous kicks and punches in my bedroom. I also (when I was a little older) listened to a lot of his inspiring, philosophical interpretations on life and still to this day, live by his mantra ‘Be water’.
  1. What did you want to do when you were a kid?
I had wild ambitions when I was younger. I wanted to be an astronaut, then a photographer, journalist and finally a palaeontologist! Basically, someone who writes stuff from space, looking at dinosaurs!
  1. What memories do you have of your first ever job?
My first ever job was actually a paperboy. I was about 12/13 and wanted to earn some extra pocket money, other than the £5 I would receive from my parents from doing menial housework every week! I was up every morning at around 5am for my first two runs and then straight after school for another 2! I was making around £43 a week including tips! Needless to say, I was the favourite around my friends due to the fact that we had what seemed like millions…to buy sweets and junk food from our local shop every weekend!
  1. Have there been any people in your career that have influenced or inspired you?
I don’t think I can really say that there have been direct influencers within my career that have influenced me or inspired me. I’m drawn to ‘things’ (I’m pretty introverted) and being creative is one of those attributes that drives me on a daily basis. I LOVE being able to have the flexibility to think.
  1. What would you class as your biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement so far is actually buying my first home. It took far longer than I anticipated but I can finally say that I’m now a qualified adult!
  1. Tell us what a typical day at work looks like?
I’m pretty new to the role so everything is still fresh and new. Typically, it’s looking at the company’s direction for both marketing and client relationships and coming up with solutions on how to ensure the business is at the forefront of people’s minds. In a nutshell, make things pretty and relevant.
  1. Do you have any morning rituals?
Coffee. Rush. Coffee. Rush.  Coffee…and feed the cat!
  1. Is there one book that you have read more than twice?
Yes, I’m what you would call ‘a bit of a geek’ and I have read the graphic novel ‘Watchmen’ at least 8-9 times. And no…it’s not a comic…it’s a graphic novel! 
  1. Tell us something about yourself that not many people would know?
In my spare time (whenever I get spare time) I actually run my own (very small) online art gallery. I took massive inspiration from Banksy in the early noughties and wanted to try my hand at creating stencil artwork. Turned out to be a mild success and I have commissioned over 60 pieces of artwork ranging from pop culture, portraits and abstract work.


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