Looking for a new job? Find a great recruiter

Looking for a job? Find a great recruiter

 20 Sep 2018

If you are in the market for a new job at the moment or think you might be in the upcoming months it might be time that you added some experienced talent to your job hunt in the shape of 2 or 3 outstanding recruiters.
Being a recruiter myself I would of course go out and look to get a couple if not 3 of the best recruiters I could find to add to my job hunt team.  
Looking back at the 2016/2017 year, there were a total of 999,946 permanent placements made by recruiters in the UK.  This is the highest number of permanent placements made in any one given year by more than 200,000 over the past 20 years.  The trends are there for all to see that more and more employers are engaging with recruitment agencies in order to build out their teams, it only makes sense to gain more exposure to your chosen industry and recruiters are key to you being able to do this.  
Admittedly, I had only used a recruiter three times in my entire 16 years of working and all of these jobs were temp jobs outwith the hospitality industry that I worked within for about 8 years at the time.  The first time I worked for Blue Arrow in the University of Glasgow Vet School for a very short time before I left to go to travelling this was solely for a quick fix to add anything extra to put into the travelling fund.  Full disclosure this job is not on my LinkedIn profile and probably never will be...moving swiftly on. 
The next two agencies I used were in Western Australia in order to get into the mining industry, I was completely banging my head against a brick wall for several months at the time trying to get in and eventually I was introduced to a director of one company that got me the start, from there on the next recruiter I worked with was for a step up in the type of work I was doing out in the mines.  Without either of them I would probably have banged my head against a brick wall and went down a completely different path and who knows I might not even be back in the UK.  Both of these agencies completely changed my life and that of my now wife and baby daughter for the better.
With that said for anyone looking to make a move in their own particular field its likely that you will get that move in one of three ways, 1. Applying for a job you have seen either direct or on a job board. 2. Being referred to a hiring manager by a friend, contact or colleague or 3. Going through a recruiter.   
Out of the above three avenues, what would you pick as the best option for your chances of gaining employment? I'd take a guess that you would say that a referral would be the best way and I would agree.  
Traditionally, getting a referral from someone that is trusted by a hiring manager will more often than not get you an interview or at least an informal chat if they are hiring.  
I would argue that the best recruiters will have good if not great relationships with the hiring managers as they will be a trusted pillar of support with a proven track record of delivering good candidates to this manager.  
So what makes a great recruiter great from a candidates point of view?  
They should show an enthusiasm for their industry that you might not expect.  Someone that doesn't know much about their industry probably isn't going have much value add.
They are honest with you about your chances for a job and don't just agree with what you say.
They can offer advice on how you can amend your CV or LinkedIn profile in order to increase your chances.
They reply to you.
They come recommended by people in the industry or a friend that has used them before.  Check there recommendations on their LinkedIn profile.
They have an input into the industry and what the current career trends are as well as the gaps that you could aim to exploit. 
They have clients that would interest you. Yep that's right you should ask them who they work with.
Feel free to reevaluate this relationship on an ongoing basis, if it becomes very one way it might not be one that will work in the long run.  If possible meet up with this part of your job hunt team and have a coffee with them, this will give you a chance to just get to know the person behind the emails and build that all important rapport.  
Also, feel free to get in with new recruiters as they will work hard on your behalf but don't rely solely on them.  It took me months to make my first placement, not for the lack of trying but I connected with so many candidates and wanted to help as many people as I could but I wasn't really in a position that I could help anyone other than potential candidates for the few jobs I was working on at that moment.
Best of luck out there and make sure and let me know how you get on with your recruiter of choice.


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