The Life Of a New Recruiter

The Life Of a New Recruiter

 27 Sep 2018

As it’s only a couple of weeks away from my 5-month anniversary since starting here at RED - I though it was time to have a review over the past few months here and how I’m coming along as a recruiter.

Well, I can certainly tell you it doesn’t feel like 5 months at all! The past few months have flown in and so much has happened. I’ve had wins, let downs and several learning experiences along the way - and to be honest I’d have to say they have all been beneficial in shaping me to become a successful recruiter.

One of the things I struggle with is missing out on opportunities - sometimes this can be down to people letting you down, or just not being quick off the mark yourself. Although, what I’ve come to learn in these recent months is that you really need to have hard skin (or at least develop some) for being a successful recruiter. Things can change daily, and you’ve got to just always be aware of that and if something does come up and effects what you’ve been working on, you’ve got to just take it on the chin and move on to the next - and believe me there’s always something else for you to get your teeth stuck into next!

1 majorly frustrating thing I have to say is when you finally start getting some joy on a role you’ve put a lot of time into and you find out that it has been filled. However, try not to focus on the negative side to this (easy for me to say) but it just means that if/when that role comes back around, or one similar, you’ll know exactly who to call! Never look at it as time as wasted, as developing relationships and expanding your connections is a huge requirement in being an efficient recruiter. Who knows, yes possibly one day you’ll be successful and help this candidate take the next step in their career, but maybe in the meantime they might point you in the direction of someone (hopefully more than one) suitable for another role you’re working on. Resulting in win, win, win!

Speaking of wins, it is so important to appreciate the wins, as a lot of the time and effort has gone into making those placements. Or if you’re fortunate like me, where one time a candidate of mine was requested for an interview by one company off the back of an interview they’d had previously at their sister company and was offered the role in the same week - 10 minutes after the interview had finished! Those moments you really need to be thankful for and although you feel like they sort of landed on your lap, you still put in all the groundwork before and this shows that that really pays off.

There’s nothing like making a placement and phoning your candidate to tell them the good news - I really get a buzz off it, particularly in situations where you have helped someone find a position that are facing redundancy. Of course, nothing takes away from helping someone progress to the next stage in their career, or for an exciting new opportunity, but in those circumstances where someone’s life is about to change suddenly and out with their control, it’s a good feeling to be a helping hand.

Another fear I’ve managed to overcome in the past 5 months is outgoing calls. Obviously, I still have an overcoming feeling of worry when it comes to speaking to very senior candidates, about very senior roles that I may have only heard about for the first time yesterday, but it’s all about practice and once you get over the first one you’re jamming! You can really learn a lot from candidates and the best thing to do is just be honest because they will appreciate that and most likely give you more than enough information. You’ll be an expert in no time!

Overall, the past few months have been very exciting and I’m eager to see what’s in store for me for the next 5 months! Will be sure to keep you all up to date of course.


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