Value-based recruitment

Value-based recruitment

 11 Oct 2018

A few of us attended the #TruGlasgow recruitment Unconference yesterday and a recurring theme throughout many of the discussions was ‘Values’. It was quite a timely session for us at Red as we have recently been looking at our own Marketing and Branding which ultimately brought us back to the question – who are we?
As part of this, we are going through the process of getting each team member to really think about what it means to work at Red;  thinking about our own personal values and how they correlate to our company values, including who we hire to work with us, and ultimately the corporate values of the clients we work with.
For me, is about truly living and breathing the values we define and even to the point that you will not work with candidates, clients or suppliers that operate in a way that is misaligned with your values.
So how should this work in practice?
As Recruitment business owners, we have a responsibility to change the perception of the industry. If we truly want to alter people’s view of us then that needs to start with the people WE hire. The old model of hiring people that are purely driven by money is extremely outdated. For recruitment businesses to be successful in the long-term we need to foster the right values that will mean companies will want to partner with us, as we dovetail with their own corporate principles.
Alongside implementing Values-based Selection into our hiring strategies we need to take a long look at our Incentive structures and Performance Management processes to ensure that Values are embedded therein too. The old 360-degree commission-based structure may be a great carrot in the short term but when you take a step back, money is NOT the key driver for 90% of people, and if we can also measure people’s performance in line with their embodiment of the company values then we are on to a winner.
Now, I know that most hiring companies reading this will already have corporate values (but can you list them!?) and some may even hire and assess performance on that basis, but as far as I am aware that approach is almost non-existent within recruitment, so I want to be one of the first to entrench this into our culture.
Even to the point where, as mentioned above, I will not work with clients/candidates that go against our principles and will actively seek relationships with businesses that champion them.
I would be interested in your thoughts.


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