How to avoid distractions at work

Ways to avoid workplace distractions

 25 Oct 2018

Apparently office workers are interrupted every 11 minutes. And yet it takes around 25 minutes to get back on track. That’s 43 distractions per working day!
We’ve put together 3 of the most common workplace distractions and ways in which you can avoid them
Email Overload
So many of us sit in our email inbox as if it’s the home page to our working day. We press the ‘send/receive’ button at least 20 times a day.  The ‘new email’ alert pops up in the bottom right corner of your screen and you immediately delve into it.
We all want to respond to our customers/clients as quickly and efficiently as possible, but when you are trying to get something done, our emails can be a huge distraction. Do we need to be this reactive with them?
How can I avoid this?
  • Schedule time in your day that you will use purely to read and respond to your emails. This may be more frequent on some days than it is on others.
  • When you have an important task to do switch off email notifications so the pop-ups don’t appear.
  • You could create an auto response to your emails to advise the sender to call you if their email needs actioned in the next 45 seconds.
Procrastination is the BIGGEST time waster! Sometimes starting a task can feel like a mountain to climb, so we put it off and think about starting it later in the day…or tomorrow…or next week.  But by over thinking it, it causes you to become less motivated and more stressed which links back to more procrastination and so the cycle continues.
How can I avoid this?
  • Force yourself to start it! Tell yourself that you’ll spend just 5 minutes to get it things rolling.  Often this is all the time you need to get motivated. 
Smartphones are amazing.  They do everything for us and we use them in all aspects of our life. 
However, one study suggests that Brits check their phone at least 28 times per day.  That’s more than once per hour.
It has become a habit that is hard to kick.
How can I avoid this?
  • Keep your phone out of sight or at least with the home screen face down so you are not distracted by notifications.
  • Better still, turn off those distracting notifications.
  • There are apps you can download that track your usage (Rescue Time is just one example) Download it and see for yourself just how much time you spend on your phone.  Could that time be put to better use?  Probably.
Talking of time, don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend!


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