The ‘Tricks and Treats’ of Recruitment

The ‘Tricks and Treats’ of Recruitment

 1 Nov 2018

As Halloween has been looming over us this week, it seems only fit that my topic for this week’s blog should be a Halloween theme!
With my wicked (cue the witch jokes) sense of humour I came up with the idea for my blog to be on the ‘Tricks and Treats’ of the Recruitment industry.
The Tricks
There are many tricky (see what I did there) hurdles in the recruitment industry but one that’s on the trickier (okay I’ll stop) side is how to tackle the more challenging roles. These may be niche roles in which you have never heard before in your puff, or just that the client has sent out a ridiculous job spec in which you are expected to find candidates made from fairy dust! It’s tough and sometimes you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick-wall, but in times like that what I always like to remind myself is - if recruitment was easy there wouldn’t be a need for recruitment agencies! Sometimes some roles are harder to source candidates for and that’s okay because everything you do in recruitment is a learning curve and before you know it, you’ll be on to a new role where you’re sat there thinking “what on earth?!”.
Another trick of recruitment is speed - if you’re not fast you’re last! And it’s true! In some cases, the most difficult challenge in recruitment is getting to those good candidates before your competition does. I read earlier this week in a FireFish blog that we lose ‘good candidates’ in a 10-period gap. So, this really is an industry where you absolutely, must be on the ball - and on the phone!! As many clients are reluctant to go exclusive with a recruitment agency we are always aware that there could be several other companies out there working on the same role and sometimes it can be stressful. Another element of speed in recruitment that is highly stressful is working on a short deadline. Some clients only give recruitment agents 48 hours to work on certain roles. Now I don’t know about you, but even typing that sentence made me feel a bit stressed.
The Treats
For all of you negative Nancy’s out there that believe all recruitment agents are the scumbags of the universe, well I have news for you - we’re not! For most of us we put a lot of time and effort into our work and unfortunately, in quite a lot of instances our good effort goes unnoticed. That’s why the great ‘treat’(s) of working in recruitment are commission schemes and your annual bonus. It’s a great way that we can be recognised for our hard work throughout the year and meeting our yearly targets. If you’re also the type of recruiter that goes above and beyond for your employer/candidate/client this is a great way to be not only recognised but shown a definite sense of appreciation from your employer and really reaffirms both your ambitions (employer/yourself) in building a great business where you matter.
Another great treat in the world of recruitment (and this is a big one) is helping candidates finally find their dream job. Obviously, you can’t (and most definitely shouldn’t) take full credit for your candidate successfully bagging the role you put them forward for, but you most certainly should give yourself a very well done pat on the back! Without your middle man skills and getting in contact with that candidate in the first place neither of you would be in this position - so go you! I’ve said it before in some of my blogs but honestly one of the real job satisfactions I get from being a recruiter is helping someone find a new job. Even if it was a hard sale, or a situation where they weren’t actively looking I still get a sheer buzz when they are offered the position. The same way I’d be if it was someone in an unfortunate situation where they were desperately looking for employment, or even someone just looking to take the next step in their career!
Recruitment has its ups and downs, much like most industries, but once you’re well integrated into the industry you come to understand that this is just the way of life for us recruiters - and it’s definitely not all that bad!




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