8 Nov 2018

It’s Thursday again already, which means it blog time!  Each week we take it in turns to get our voice heard by writing a weekly blog about what we have been up to in the office or we use it as a chance to give people recruitment / CV / interview advice.
This week I am going to do a bit of a shameless ‘look at us’ post. 
Hopefully most of you will have now seen our advert that we are looking for someone to join us here at Red.  So the message I want to get across today is to show what its like to work with us, what we represent and what we can offer
For anyone that doesn’t know, Red is a family owned business which was initially set up to work alongside our partner company Clyde Marine Recruitment.  CMR have always specialised in all seagoing roles, so Red was started to work on shore based marine and shipping positions.  When our MD took over we then expanded into further markets such as Financial Services and Legal.   Since then we have flourished and added a number of other sectors to our bow, including Oil and Gas, HR, Technical, IT plus many more. 
Like most recruiters would say, there really is no typical day in the office but we do all have our little routines in the morning.  Matt will always pop to the café to get the coffees in, Cara and Becca are usually the first to ensure the radio is on, since the announcement of the Spice Girls reunion there has been a lot of cheesy pop on!! And I am always straight at the air con, as the office is always roasting hot first thing in the morning.
So what it is like to actually work in our office?  Let me set the scene…I’m currently sitting at my desk, busily typing this blog and helping myself to the chocolates that Matt brought in.  Matt is sitting in front of me, focused intently on his computer screen, probably reading the team report I just sent him.  Cara is on my left, typing away on LinkedIn setting up searches and connecting with candidates to discuss some the exciting opportunities we are currently working on.  Her head hunting skills are amazing, I am always impressed at the candidates she can find!  We are working on a number of foreign/global roles at the moment so Becca is working her magic on the phone getting in touch with as many candidates as possible before the time difference gets in the way.  (Ok so that’s not 100% accurate as Becca doesn’t work on a Thursday so I’m basing this on yesterday!). 
Our office is within a shared serviced office space so there is always a bit of hustle and bustle about the place, not surprisingly we are probably one of the noisier offices, even though there are only 4 of us here.   There is always someone from the other office spaces popping in to say hi and its impossible to go to the kitchen and not meet someone to catch up with.  No wonder it always take us forever to make a cup of tea.  It’s a great environment for us as we feel part of a bigger community and there is then always networking and BD opportunities too. 
At Red we have full autonomy and really are part of the company.  We are all part of the decision making processes, so anyone that comes for interview, be ready to meet the whole team!!!  We have a lot of fun in the office but we also work hard, the saying ‘work hard play hard’ comes to mind.  We like to have a clear plan of what we want to achieve in the day ahead, so we have regular catch up meetings to make sure everyone knows what they need to focus on and if anyone needs any help or support along the way.   We all come from quite different employment backgrounds so it works well for us as people in the team all have different strengths and weaknesses meaning we can all help each other learn and progress. 
We often use the tag line ‘the best recruitment agency you’ve never heard of’ because we know we are not as well known as some of the big players out there but we believe our reputation precedes us with our existing clients, so if you haven’t heard much about us yet then we would love to hear from you to see how we can help.  One of our key principles is to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.  We understand we cannot place every candidate that applies for a role but everyone deserves a response so we aim to get back to everyone that takes the time to get in touch.  Our clients are also extremely important to us, as they are why we are here, so its not just about the next fee its about building those relationships which help you understand the client more so when opportunities do arise you know just the candidate they are looking for.
So lastly, what can we offer? Like our advert states we offer a supportive, fun and flexible working environment.  You will be in charge of your own desk and workload and your hard work will never go unnoticed.  There is opportunity for you to grow within the company and earn a fantastic bonus along the way.
So if anyone out there wants to join ‘the best recruitment agency you’ve never heard of’, why not check out our latest role and get in touch.


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