I'm a recruiter get me out of hereeeeee

I'm a recruiter get me out of hereeeeee

 22 Nov 2018

It’s finally that time of year again - the winter gloom just before the festive period begins and ‘I’m a Celebrity’ is FINALLY back on our tv screens!
As we are all (Red / the nation) buzzing for it to be I’m a Celeb time of year, it seemed only fit that for this week’s blog I decided to home in on the bushtucker trials (aka challenges) of the recruitment industry.
  1. It’s not all about the Dingo Dollars.
Securing fee’s is obviously a huge part of being an effective recruitment agency, but it isn’t Red’s only motivation for filling roles. Here we take pride in adding a personal value to a candidate’s experience with us and don’t just look at them as a way of making money. We love to take the time to get to know the person on the other end of the phone, learning about the previous experience and where they want to go next in their career. In all honesty, we value candidates giving us positive feedback after having dealt with us more than the fee we are awarded if we place them. Obviously that element is very important, I’m not disputing that, but being human and developing a relationship with candidates is something we pride ourselves on here at Red.
  1. The Eating Challenge.
Now, I’m not saying that here at Red, as a wee office treat, we like to sit and snack on some witchetty grubs - but we can all admit that we struggle in saying no to some deliciously unhealthy treats. The real test is when someone from the office has been away on holiday and come back with a s*** ton of sweets - all willpower goes out the window that day. And I mean, it’s just a real necessity in life that if you’re sitting at your desk with a nice cup of tea, you’ve got to have a choccie digestive on the go - even if it is only 9.30am!
  1. Kiosk Kev and the Outback Shack.
Everyone that watches I’m a Celeb is more than aware that Kiosk Kev is the poker face king and he certainly doesn’t give any clues away - which can also be said for some clients out there! Sometimes clients like to keep their cards close to their chest and don’t like to give you any extra info when you’re working on a role(s). I can, in a way see why they don’t like to give too much away, but if they were to loosen up ever so slightly, I believe it would be beneficial all round. By giving us as much information as they possibly can, it not only makes head hunting that bit easier, but it also enables us the recruiters to develop a strong understanding of the person they are looking for - whether that be on the skillset they desire or on personal fit within the company. Which in turn, only helps us to work quicker on the role and get you a brand-new campmate (employee) in no time!
  1. New Beginnings.
Speaking of new campmates - it’s always an exciting time when someone new joins the squad - unless it’s Noel Edmonds of course. It’s an interesting time also, as it’s a great way to see what new people can bring to the table and how we can implement that into the business, to grow and better ourselves. Although gaining a team member can be a fun time, it’s a tough process when you lose one. Just as us as the nation are missing Ant and struggled to cope with coming to terms with Dec going solo, it’s turned around to be a great experiment. By bringing a “Holly” into the camp it can give you a fresh pair of eyes, picking up on things you may have never noticed before or considered, new perspectives & mixes things up a bit, it keeps things exciting and helps to create a more diverse workforce.
  1. Camp Dynamics.
Camp dynamics can be a huge challenge, especially when you’re working with the Gemma Collins or the Helen Flanagan’s of the world. Building a good team, where every member is a strong team player, is the key in being a successful business. No one wants to work for a company where people don’t pull their weight, the same way they don’t want to work for them if everyone’s out for themselves too. If you work together and help each other out you build a stronger, more effective relationship with one another which can only mean good outcomes for the company.
  1. Overcoming Your Fears.
Even people that don’t follow the show, are aware that’s it’s a place where celebrities go and will at some point, come to face their fears. Sometimes the tasks can seem daunting, even just to watch, but it’s a great example of facing your fears head on. I’m not meaning to be too literal here, like I certainly don’t want to have to cross a zipline on top of a very tall building, or be submersed into a dark tomb with rats - but once the celebrities have completed these trials you get a sense that they feel an element of pride and that they’ve overcame something they thought they couldn’t. Maybe I’m downscaling slightly, but the same can be applied in recruitment. There’s certainly going to be tasks that at first, you really don’t feel comfortable doing (like doing Business Development calls in my case), but once you get over the initial fear and think “hey I can do this” there’s nothing holding you back.
Overall, I’d probably say the comparison of challenges you face in recruitment compared to the jungle is considerably less fearful, but there is definitely some both difficult and positive challenges that you may come to face in the recruitment office that are similar to life in the jungle.
Thats all from me - "I'm a recruiter get me out of hereeeeee"


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