Christmas Party - Do’s & Don’ts

Christmas Party - Do’s & Don’ts

 13 Dec 2018

Tis the season for the Christmas Parties! And since this festive period is finally upon us, I just thought I’d give all you lovely lot a couple of pointers to bear in mind whilst living it up at your works Xmas do.


Do turn up the next day & on time.

If like us, your Xmas night out is on a school night, you must always, always, ALWAYS, turn up for work the next day and make sure you’re on time! It can put a real dampener on the festivities if you potter in late from the night before and can be even worse if you don’t make an appearance at all! This is not the time to let standards slip and although, as the saying goes “work hard, play harder” - leaving a bad impression with your boss/seniors before you bring in the new year is a hard one to shake off. On the other hand, a great way to get the team back in your good books after rocking up late, is nominating yourself for the bacon butty & coffee run and supplying everyone with the very much needed pick me ups for the day ahead - once you’ve done that all should be forgotten.


Do let your hair down.

This is the perfect time of year to really let your hair down and reward yourself for the (hopefully) good year you’ve had. Have a good bevy, have a good dance and just have a great night celebrating with your colleagues. Don’t be a spectator - get in amongst it! And if anyone tries to slag you for anything you did on the night out then more fool them, because when you were off having a good time, they were too busy being the spectator! Another thing I should probably mention before moving off this point, after getting you all pumped up to get into the real swing of things at your party, is make sure you’ve got your lift home organised! There’s nothing worse than standing in the cold and usually wet if you’re in Scotland, waiting an age for your taxi to come and take you home. So, get it sorted!


Do drink responsibly / Don’t be the office clown.

Now, by in no means am I saying for you to not have a nice drink and enjoy yourself on your night but do so within reason. You never want to come away from company events embarrassed to show your face the next day, cause’ you’re struggling to remember the full itinerary of the evening. The key in these sorts of celebrations is to never be more than double parked - if you are you know it’s not going to end well. Drink lots of water throughout the night - you’ll thank me for that in the morning. And under no circumstances should you get absolutely wasted and be someone else’s burden for the rest of the evening - you’re certainly not getting employee of the year after that disaster.


Don’t take the office to the party.

Obviously in a work-related outing there is one key subject that you all have in common - work. However, this should never be the main topic of conversation you discuss throughout the night. You talk about work roughly 5 days a week, for approx. 7 hours per day (and that’s not even counting the times you come in from work and have a chat/moan to your family or partner about the day you’ve just had) - I think this is a good ‘time out’ from it all. Get to know your colleague(s), what’s going on in their lives. Save the work chat for the office. And if you’re having an office party, then just save the chat for another day!


Don’t insult the boss.

This is probably a pointer I shouldn’t have to remind you all on, but I know that all of that can just go out the window once you’re 3 pints down. Ideally on any works event to be honest, not just Christmas parties, never insult the boss. If you don’t feel that way towards your boss/senior, then great! This point doesn’t apply to you and I won’t have the fear thinking about you attending your works night out. But if it does, this isn’t the time your silly beggar! In what world would something like that ever go down well, never mind at a xmas party! So just keep schtum and swerve your boss for the evening. Then you can also save yourself from the dreaded fear. I suppose this doesn’t just apply to your manager, it’s never really a good idea to have a slagging fest about any level of employee on a night out. Granted insulting the boss man/lady is probably the worst thing to do, but just don’t get caught out gossiping - it’ll all end in tears (by tears I’m referring to yours).


As it’s now 12 days till Christmas and this is usually prime work Christmas party time, I hope you all take onboard my wise words of wisdoms when you’re off out this week/next indulging in your celebrations! Alternatively, if you’ve already had your works do, I can only pray that you stuck to my guidelines as best as you could and all is well in your office environment.


Hope you all have/had a smashing time - and a Merry Christmas!



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