Job Hunt Tips #10 – Right to work

 28 Mar 2017

Full disclosure, this is a purely selfish post that if put into action will make my job easier but it will actually save you time and mental expenditure.
For some jobs we receive an awful lot of applications, so much so that in the time it takes me to review 5 applications I can receive another 7.  As you can imagine this is a bit of an uphill battle. Essentially, it’s the recruitment worlds battle of Gallipoli. Starting off on a beautiful beach and working your way up the hillside whilst receiving a barrage of incoming CV’s.  It is possible to get to the end but in all likelihood you will find a few good candidates and take cover to get ready for another battle on another day.
I know deep down many people would like the thought of recruiters being harassed and struggling up a hillside with CV’s getting fired at them but I like to give people feedback or at least let them know if they weren’t successful going forward and this can make that practice harder to achieve.
There are usually two things that cause the massive influx of CV’s namely, candidates with no relevant experience and candidates that have no right to work in the country.  It is unbelievable the amount of applications we receive from candidates that have no right to work in the country where the job is located despite it being stated on the job description. If you are considering applying for a job in the USA, Australia, Singapore or the UK and the advert states that only applicants with the right to work in that country will be considered which you don’t have, don’t, just don’t.
Don’t waste your time, if you apply for ten jobs in countries that you don’t have the right to work in a week you will end up spending about 3 hours 20 mins on a completely pointless practice.  You would be better spending your time reading all of the tips below, drafting your new amazing CV, going to a network event and still have time to go out and get a Starbucks.



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