GoT Characters vs Candidates

GoT Characters vs Candidates

 31 Jan 2019

Recently I have begun re-watching the hit TV series 'Game of Thrones', in preparation for the new series starting in April. If you aren’t already aware of the best TV show of all time -  it’s a (soon to be) 8-part medieval fantasy series, seeing the depiction of powerful families, kings & queens, knights & renegades, liars & honest men – all playing a deadly game for the control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. During my time going through the previous 7 series, I have come across some similarities between both sets of 'characters' in the world of Westeros and the world of recruitment. 
The Ned Stark
In the recruitment industry its quite often for you to come across a Ned Stark - someone who is a terrific, honest candidate with great experience but doesn't last 5 minutes in the game (interview).
The Stannis Baratheon
The Stannis - a strong candidate who should ace his interview and win everyone over, but severely lacks personality and always seems to sound miserable whenever you speak to them.
The Joffrey Baratheon
Ah the Joffrey, now I'm not sure what cruel perversions your candidates might get up to in their own time, but in the recruitment world a 'Joffrey' is one of those candidates that just always seems to win. No matter how unreasonable they are, or how difficult they may act, they somehow always seem to get what they want and come out on top.
The Robb Stark
The Robb Stark is your loyal candidate. You've maybe put them forward for a couple of roles, so you have a good relationship, and should any other agency try to poach them for a role, they're on the phone to you straight away to see if it's something you're potentially working on.
The Cersei Lannister
A Cersei candidate is one of the most out for themselves candidate you could find! Never trust a Cersei, she's only using you as a pawn to better off herself, and her family.
The Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger
Now this is the sort of candidate that leads you down a garden path. They've been successful enough to be invited to an interview and they seem keen too. But little do you know they are playing you all, as the only reason they came for the interview was to try and bag themselves a raise in their current position. Tricksters!
The Daenerys Targaryen

A Dany candidate is one of those ones that you know is good and should be a shoo-in. She was born to do this, but somehow always seems to just miss the mark. There's always someone two steps ahead of her.
The Tyrion Lannister
A Tyrion candidate is a plucky candidate! He's clever, always up for a challenge and will take on anyone, no matter their size. He's your wild card for submission.
The Margaery Tyrell
This sort of candidate may seem sweet, but they are also not one to be trusted. They are the social climbers of the recruitment industry. She will use whatever means to get herself to the top, even if that's means befriending the worst of the worst.
Melisandre aka The Red Woman
The Red Woman is the sort of candidate that isn’t at all what they seem. They believe in their cause and follow strength, but there’s something that they aren’t being fully truthful with.
The Arya Stark
The Arya candidates are the ones to watch. They overcome huge learning curves and are not one to underestimate. They may not seem like much now but believe me they will do everything in their power to make themselves the ideal candidate.
To be honest I could sit here all day rhyming off similarities between the cast of Game of Thrones and recruitment candidates, but I leave you now with one more thing I have left to say. When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die – and all men must die.


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