Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

 7 Mar 2019

If you weren’t already aware, the 1st of March was Employee Appreciation Day! This day was introduced in 1995 as an unofficial holiday but was created to help strengthen the bond between employer and employee, by thanking them for their hard work and effort throughout the year(s). And certainly, in some cases, this can be forgotten!
“People don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers” - and it’s true! Not having a good relationship with your managers / seniors can have a negative effect on not only your work, but general office environment. There’s no worse feeling than the feeling of dread going to work in the morning and in some cases (Monday blues) this feeling can’t be helped, but if it’s down to someone’s approachability, or manners, these are things that can really push people out the door.
Having a good employee - employer relationship is one of the basic steps in having a successful business, because how often is a member of staff going to go above and beyond in a job for someone they really don’t like. The answer is - not very often. It’s important that employers value employees for the work they provide and the assets that they can be to their team(s).
A good boss is one that’s understanding to the ever-evolving working world. For instance, look at remote working and flexible working hours, more and more companies are continuing to add these to their job’s benefits packages, in a bid for them to stand out among the rest. To be honest this is the way forward, as a lot of millennials coming into the world of work are looking for these sorts of perks when on their job search. Effective managers are ones that recognise this change and can appreciate that just because you aren’t within the restrictions of your office, or also working within the standard time frame of 9.00am - 5.00pm, doesn’t mean you aren’t putting in the same amount of effort into your work.
Something else that companies / bosses are now implementing into their businesses is relaxing the dress code and move towards a more casual workplace. In the news this week (BBC News), Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs announced that it is applying a flexible dress code firm-wide. The investment banks announcement is aimed at bringing the bank’s policies up to date for its younger workforce and a bid to appeal to top talent, as more than 75% of Goldman employees are from the Millennial or Gen Z generations (born after 1981).  Again, this is another way that managers are developing more trust in their employees by loosening the reigns on traditional working practices and continuing to make themselves / their businesses more appealing to work for.
The perks are always a plus but even just general appreciation to your hard labour goes a long way, as it doesn’t cost money to treat people well. If a person feels appreciated for the effort they put in, they will continue to strive to do their best. And the acts of kindness don’t need to be big, even the simple task of making someone a cup of tea when they’re snowed under can be a good way to show that you see and appreciate the hard work they are doing.
Now gratitude is a two-way street, so if you’re currently in a role where you have this wonderfully amazing boss that offers you all these benefits + more, don’t be unappreciative of it! Sometimes these bosses are few and hard to come by, so do the graft and don’t ruin it for the rest of us.
At the end of the day, for the business to be successful you must have an effective relationship with one another. Communication is key and don’t be ungrateful for what you can do for each other. As I’ve already mentioned, the working world is ever changing and we all (employers & employees) must both appreciate and accept it.


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