Job Hunt Tips #11 – Volunteer

 28 Mar 2017

This is especially helpful when trying to build your network in a new community but it shouldn’t be discounted for people that have lived in one city for their entire life.  Offering your help for free can create a vast amount of opportunities for you to grow and develop in ways that you might not have realised possible. If you have been on your job hunt for a considerable time it will allow you to focus your attention on something else, usually a good cause, consequently decreasing stress levels and perhaps giving you some personal joy at the same time.
When my now wife and I were living out in Australia we wanted to get involved in the local community.  When I say local I mean an area that spans 120km (72 Miles) from Lake King to Hopetoun, with only one other small town in between. Trying to get involved in sports helped us achieve this and after one of my team mates, a farmer, broke his leg in a game of Aussie Rules (“Footie” to the locals) we offered to help out voluntarily on his farm looking after his pigs and sheep, mucking out and other general farm duties once we had finished our own jobs for the day.  This allowed us to have new experiences, feel good and when miles away from home actually feel part of a community. 
Our experience relates to the job hunt side of things as after our time volunteering we started getting more and more job offers from various business owners in the community.  Looking back now on our time in Australia this experience is definitely up there with some of our favourite memories. If you were to do something similar in the UK, I would imagine the results wouldn’t be too different. 
There are plenty of ways you can volunteer in your local community. There will be soup kitchens that will no doubt need more help after Christmas than they perhaps do in the run up to Christmas, Charity fundraising events, creating your own charity event and inviting local businesses to donate or better yet get involved allowing you to network at the same time and local children’s sports teams are always looking for help.   LinkedIn actually has an area on your profile where you can declare that you are looking to volunteer.
It’s important here to state that we should try to ensure that we continue to volunteer once we secure a paying job for no other reason than to be a responsible, caring member of our community. 
On a side note, we are looking to offer our services as a recruiter for free to a certain number of charities across the UK in 2017.  If you are involved with any such charities that are recruiting at the moment then please get in touch and we can arrange a call to discuss this further.


I agree think volunteering is good in many ways, giving something back to the community or a charity, gaining experience.
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