Getting out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone

 25 Apr 2019

What a bank holiday we just had!! Now I know I can’t speak for everyone but to all our Scottish readers out there…!  Hottest Easter on record!! I am embarrassingly supporting the terrible Glasgow t-shirt tan (or lobster look) but it was all worth it.  Now Easter is actually one of my favourite bank holidays (and no not just because there is chocolate everywhere) but it’s because I find that people get quite reflective when returning to work after the Easter break.  It’s far enough away from Christmas that people are back in their normal routine and they are starting to think about the rest of the year ahead, having forgotten all about those pesky new years resolutions that we all make and break within the first month!  It’s a good time to set new goals and get thinking about the future.
It’s so easy to be settled in a job and be in your comfort zone that you then realise your no longer being challenged or you’re just treading water.  And sometimes it takes a little break away to notice this. So if you are being reflective now that you have returned to work, here are a few things to think about.
  • Is it time to take on a new challenge?  We all spend A LOT of time at work so obviously doing the same thing day in day out is going to get very tiresome.  If you are unhappy at work that will definitely overspill into your personal life and make you unhappy outwith the work place too.  If you feel your role has become mundane and you are no longer learning then maybe it’s time to speak up.  Why not talk to your manager, are there any new projects you can work on?  Is there any additional responsibilities you can take on?  If you don’t ask you will never find out the answer.  If there is no room for change or progression then maybe it is time to move on and see what else it out there.
  • Where do you see your career going?  It’s easy to get comfortable at work, letting the weeks pass by, your meeting targets and you’re getting your work done, but with nothing changing - it’s always worth keeping an eye on the bigger picture.   Where do you want to be in 5 years time.  Are you on the way there or are you just plodding along.  I always joke and say that I hate change but really I think most of us relish in it.  It would be pretty boring if everything stayed the same all the time, so whilst change can be a scary prospect it’s worth it to then reap the benefits and grow/progress. 
  • What do you enjoy about your current role or past roles?  As the saying goes ‘do something you love then you’ll never have to work a day in your life’.   I speak to candidates on a daily basis and I always love to hear how people talk about their jobs and careers.  Even though a lot of my work may be over the phone it’s easy to tell when someone is passionate about what they do or when they are in a rut and really desperately need that next challenge.  When looking for your next role be sure to apply for something you will enjoy. 
  • Make it happen.   You are the only one in charge of your life so if you want something you need to go out and grab it. 
Planning ahead, reflecting on what has been happening so far this year and getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily need to be about your job.  It’s just a good time of year for a spring clean, to blow those cob webs off and start a fresh
And remember, the next bank holiday weekend is just around the corner!!



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