9 May 2019

Wow. Just “Wow”.
For those of you that may have been living under a rock for the past 48 hours I would just like to inform you that 2 English Premiership teams have made the UEFA Champions League Final.
Yes, that’s right 2 ENGLISH TEAMS HAVE MADE IT TO THE FINAL. So that also means, No Messi, No Ronaldo, No Neymar. No GOAT.
Basically, the two teams that will proudly line up in Madrid for the final of Europe’s elite footballing competition are made up of much more than a sum of the parts. Both of these teams possess exactly the same characteristics. No real egos, no one player that is deemed better than the rest of team. And that is the key to their success – both Spurs and Liverpool lived and died as a team this week, they had the grit, determination and desire to turn over what most people (including myself) saw as the impossible.
But most of all, what both of these teams have more than ANYTHING is self-belief. From the Manager right through the team and the fans, they all believed they could achieve a miracle. They had confidence in their collective abilities and trusted each other to accomplish their goal, no matter how difficult the task.
I personally could not believe it was possible but the fact that both teams did it got me reflecting on how we all go about our day jobs. In the workplace and our overall careers, we can often be limited but our own insecurities, lack of confidence or influenced by negative people and naysayers. In a nutshell, we cannot let this happen. As a team here at Red we have always had the self-belief that we can do things differently and succeed by trusting each other as a team rather than relying on one individual star performer. We have a WHOLE team of star performers that, most importantly, have the right attitude and team ethic and collectively we are way more powerful than the sum of our individual pieces.
So, I think what football has shown us this week in the most magical way is that you just have to genuinely believe you can do it, and if you are prepared to work hard as a team to achieve it, then you will!
Here’s looking forward to June 2nd.  



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