The sun has got his hat on...

Sunshine and Happiness

 17 May 2019

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray!  We have been getting some nice weather recently in Glasgow and that little burst of sunshine has really boosted my mood.  Waking up for work with that brightness already streaming into my bedroom through the gaps at the sides of my blinds on my windows (I should really invest in some black out curtains) really does make such a difference to the start of my day.  It’s the little things such as being able to go outside for a stroll during my lunch break and getting out in the garden when I finish, breaking out the barbeque and dining Al Fresco.
As soon as we get a hint of good weather it makes me reminisce of my time spent at sea when we used to have nice warm sea days where I could lie or walk on deck in the sun (during break times of course) or visiting various countries that are frequented by glorious weather and spending my lunch break at the beach (when I was lucky enough to get time ashore). 
I also remember when we used to do our Norwegian voyages with constant trips to various Norwegian ports.  It was a beautiful country with lots of nice scenery, fjords and waterfalls however, did you know that in the Northernmost inhabited regions of Europe there is no sunset from mid-April to mid-August (known as the midnight sun) so during this time it is bright 24/7.
On the flip side of this from October through to January this is known as winter darkness where there is very little sunlight.  I always remember a discussion I had with one of our Norwegian port agents, they advised me that the winter darkness was generally when the country used to stay indoors and populate and during this time the country had the highest suicide rate.  
Me, I am a sun worshipper and personally would rather be too hot than too cold, often complaining I am always cold in the office.  I get quite jealous when I am working on various roles from our lovely clients which are based overseas in places such as Bahamas, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  It would always be a selling point for me but then again being in the heat and sunshine doesn’t suit everyone.  Although UV rays are dangerous a little boost of vitamin D does go a long way. 
So, if you are outside don’t forget to stay safe and slap on that sunscreen – you can still tan when you have sunscreen on you know.  Enjoy the good weather whilst it lasts and make the most if it wherever you are!


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