What an agency can do for you

What an agency can do for you

 23 May 2019

Having worked for recruitment agencies over the last 10 years it’s part of my everyday life so I forget that not everyone knows what we do and what added value we can give to candidates (and clients).
The recruitment process can be a stressful time…applying for roles and not hearing anything back, preparing for interviews and awaiting feedback.  Going through an agency can take a lot of this stress away.  We are in constant contact with our clients so will always strive to get feedback if you have not been selected for an interview or if you have been unsuccessful.  We are able to manage your expectations and keep you updated throughout the whole process. 
So what are the benefits to going through an agency:
Interview prep
When going through an agency you get the benefit of our client knowledge.  Most recruiters will have certain clients that they recruit for all the time so have a great understanding of the business, their needs, their interview styles, their expectations etc. 
Most people already know to do some research about the company before they attend an interview because interviewers want to hear about what you know about the company and why you want to join them and we can help with this.  We can give you a starting point for your research by giving you an overview of what they do, who will be interviewing you, what the benefits are and what the working environment will be like etc. 
CV Advice
If you have been in the working world for a number of years it can be hard to put all of your experience into a summary.  After having discussed the role with you in detail and gained more knowledge about what you have previously done we can help you tailor your CV to ensure you are highlighting the most important and relevant parts to the client.  What is important to remember is that your CV isn’t always going to the hiring manager, who is the one that knows the ins and outs of the role.  Quite often it can go to an HR department and whilst they will have an understanding of the role they will be looking for key things so your CV needs to be crystal clear.  Don’t make them try and read between the lines. 
Having been in the industry for a number of years now, and being a specialist within our field, gives us the added bonus of being able to read between the lines in a CV.  We can often get CVs in from candidates that even though their CV doesn’t mention the exact experience required we know that having worked with certain companies or having done a certain role that they will likely fit the bill but we need to take time out to contact the candidate and discuss their experience in more detail.  This is what we are here to do and what sometimes the client doesn’t get a chance to do if recruiting directly.  If you don’t mention what they are looking for they are not likely to have time to dig deeper. 
Whilst we do not advertise the salary on our adverts this will always be discussed with you when we are going through job details.  Quite often clients will advise us of a salary bracket, so once we know more about your experience and how well you fit the role, we will always notify the client of your expectations.  Once offered a role if there are any salary negotiations to be done we are here to do all of this for you and take away any pressure/stress this may cause. 
Additional Jobs
By registering with an agency you are opening yourself up to a wide variety of roles with numerous different employers.  So if you are unfortunately not successful at an interview, recruiters can keep you in mind when new positions arise which you wouldn’t know about if you hadn’t registered.  We get new roles in all the time (daily/weekly/monthly) so you just never know when the next suitable role could come in.
We know the recruitment/interview process can be tough so we are here for you to talk to, to listen to your concerns, answer any questions regarding the job/client, to help you with your nerves, to give you that little confidence boost and just be a general support to you throughout the experience.  We want you to go into your interview relaxed and prepared and we will do our best to ensure we are as helpful and informative as possible.  
In addition to all of this.using a recruitment agency is a free service for candidates.  What’s not to like eh! Get in touch and register with us today - https://www.redconsult.co.uk/register.aspx


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