Social Mania

Social Mania

 12 Jul 2019

Thinking back to my early school days before we all had mobiles, seems like a real lifetime ago.  Our world has been completely transformed by the ever evolving technology and the introduction of Social Media and like most things there are pros and cons to it.  From a recruitment perspective it’s been absolutely amazing.  The use of Social Media enables us to connect and contact our candidates much more readily and it also gives candidates an insight into a potential new employer. 
Now that Facebook / Instagram / Twitter etc have all been about for quite a while does anyone else get fed up looking at the same things?  From a personal point of view I am connected with my friends on all forms of social media.  But that means I see their same stories 3 times, it’s there as soon as I open Facebook, then I see it on Instagram, then by the time I open Twitter I’m a bit bored and want to see something new.  It’s a bit different from a business point of view as you want to see consistency on all your sites.  You will get certain candidates that may only follow your business page on one form of social media and you want to make sure when you are putting a post out that it is reaching as many people as possible.
So with that in mind I have been thinking about our Red pages.  Obviously there will be some posts that we like to share across all of our sites (Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram), but we always try to make a conscious effort to make all our pages slightly different, so our audience are not just seeing the same information again and again
So what can you expect from Red’s pages:
LinkedIn – This is our main business page (other than our website) so we like to keep it professional here.  Our posts will all mainly be business related, ie new jobs we are recruiting for, our weekly blog and relevant industry or company news.   
Instagram – Instagram is one of our more informal pages so it will show you a bit of the ‘behind the scenes’ at Red.  For us, it’s a way for our audience to learn a little bit more about the people that work here and you’ll be able to see some of our office shenanigans.   Be sure to look out for our next #REDonTour photos when we take on Belfast for our next company outing in August!
Facebook – In my opinion our Facebook page is a bit of both, it’s still a professional page but it’s a bit less formal than LinkedIn.  There will be light hearted posts showing what the team have been up to but there will also be a lot of job adverts posted here as Facebook is getting used more and more frequently for job searching. 
Twitter –  The home of the original hashtag.  For us I feel like we use Twitter to keep up to date with news and to find out whats trending.  Whilst I never expect to get a lot of applications from jobs we post here I still like to post jobs on Twitter because I think it’s the best use of a hashtag, it’s great for postings when you are recruiting in a certain area or for a specific skill (ie. #GlasgowJobs, #ITjobs) – the hashtags are easily seen and accessible.   From our Twitter page you’ll find we share a mix of relevant or fun links, company photos and all our job postings.
From time to time the team take it in turns to look after our different social media pages too, by doing this we hope to keep our sites fresh and give the audience some insight into our world from each recruiters perspectives.
So…are you following us?  Use the links above to connect to all of our pages and keep an eye on what the team are up to!  



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