Walk the talk

Walk the talk

 26 Jul 2019

There have been a few occasions this week where exceptional Client Service has come into the spotlight under its various guises so I wanted to write this week’s blog about the importance of providing your clients / customers with a positive experience from that initial contact right through to aftercare.
  1. Walk The Talk - Backing up excellent client service with quality results.
We received a call this week from the hiring manager of one of our key clients.  Due to the low volumes of CV's he had received for a new role, he immediately realised that the vacancy had not yet been released to us (Red) so he was keen to reach out directly as he knows we can provide a high calibre of candidates. That in itself was a great example of the team here going the extra mile and showing that the “Red” name is at the forefront of hiring managers mind when filling vacancies, synonymous with quality. It is also testament to the awesome client service the team offer and I am proud of that.
  1. Client Feedback is worth its weight in gold.
Ask what your customers think of your company. Here at Red we send out a Feedback Form to clients and candidates alike. We keep it short and simple, asking what it is they like; what they don’t like; what they would change; what we could do better; detail about their latest experience etc. We receive a pretty high response rate and it is consistently positive.
On the back of this Feedback Form we have received a number of excellent testimonials from candidates that we have recently placed, with detailed feedback on how we are making the process of finding a new role a great experience for all concerned.
By the same token we have had candidates voluntarily singing our praises in interviews with clients which only helps accentuate the high standard that we set ourselves.
That also makes me proud.
  1. Nice touches that set you apart
When thinking about what sets apart certain businesses that we work with, our CRM provider (Firefish) showed us another example of awesome client service as one of our consultants (Leigh) received a surprise package in the post with a £30 Amazon voucher and a card (and some a sweets) as a thank you for providing some detailed feedback. This is a great touch.
  1. Your People Will Treat Your Customer the Way They Are Treated
Employees take their cue from management. Do you greet your employees enthusiastically each day; are you polite in your dealings with them; do you try to accommodate their requests; do you listen to them when they speak? Consistent rude customer service is a reflection not as much on the employee as on management. And on the flip side, consistently polite and professional client service also reflects well on your senior leaders. I’ll take that. 


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