Work Dynamics

Work Dynamics

 1 Aug 2019

It’s evident that, if you work in a good environment i.e., have a fair boss, good work colleagues and nice offices, that all flows towards achieving better results overall. Not to say that if you don’t have any of these things, or 1 / 2 out of 3 that you / the business isn’t going to be successful, but positive reactions = positive outcomes. So, if you set up your company from the offset having all 3 of these elements, there’s no doubt that your employees will continue to hit smash their targets.
Fair Boss
It’s said time and time again, but having a reasonable, normal boss that you can have a good relationship with really does make coming to work a whole lot easier. If you develop an effective relationship the respect is there, and everyone knows not to take the mick. Taking the ‘mick’ from a boss’s perspective would be to not set unrealistic targets and support your employees and in regards to an employee’s perspective, my advice would be to not get complacent in your role and watch little things like time keeping and attention to detail because believe me, that’s something that will definitely not go unnoticed by your superiors.
Couldn’t let this moment pass and not give a shout out to our very own “guv’nor” Matt Welstead. I speak on behalf of myself and the girls that Matt really is an outstanding, FAIR and a right good laugh of a boss. Keep up the great work guv’!
Good Work Colleagues
People always seem to go on about having a decent boss and forget to mention that working alongside friendly colleagues goes a long way too. Your manager might not be in all the time, due to meetings etc., but your team mates normally are. Realistically these are the people you spend a high percentage of your life with and things can get tricky if not everyone gets on. Having positive relationships all round not only makes coming to work bearable, but it also makes the social events much more fun!
Here at Red we aim to have a night out every quarter (giving that fits in with everyone’s schedules) and we’re all very excited for our end of financial year celebrations coming up at the end of this month *Woo! *. Whereas if we didn’t get on the way we do, like in other workplaces, we would be dreading these events... and that’s not the case!
Nice Offices
Walking into a pleasant environment really does set you off for the day! Whether that’s serviced, or non-serviced offices, having a respectable place to come in and get your work done is good for the soul. A clean space, that let’s in a lot of light (for those few days of year in Scotland where we actually see the sun) and has plenty of room, will in-turn encourage great results and create a happy atmosphere for you and your team.
We (Red) work in serviced offices ourselves and it’s had nothing but a positive outcome for us. Regarding business, we’ve had a lot of opportunities to work with new clients – both recruiting for other businesses and businesses offering their services to us and we’ve also met potential candidates for us to place. The social aspect of working in serviced offices has been very beneficial too. Although we are a small company, working in these offices have allowed us to feel like we’re part of something bigger and because there are regular events organised for us to socialise with the other companies, it has pushed us to meet new people and make good friends.
Overall work dynamics play a crucial part in having a happy, effective workplace. Each have different valuable factors that they bring to the table and you may find that if you don’t have each of these in place, your end goal may suffer.


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