Humans vs Technology

Humans vs Technology

 22 Aug 2019

How much of the human population do you think relies on technology to assist them to carry out their jobs?
Whether you work in an office or in a factory which relies on technology, or work at sea relying on electronic chart systems for navigation, technology is a big part of your day.  To be matter of fact there are not many jobs out there that do not rely on some form of technology somewhere down the line.   
Technology is evolving quickly with countries such as Japan and the USA at the forefront.  If you have ever seen the ‘I Robot” movie with Will Smith which is a science fiction film where highly intelligent robots fill public service positions all over the world to keep humans safe – could this be believable? With the way technology is going, it could happen someday. 
We have the likes of autonomous vessels in shipping and talk of autonomous vehicles i.e. buses/taxis coming into play.  We already have robots taking over jobs in huge manufacturing factories / assembly lines and on some cruise vessels, they have robotic bartenders that make your drinks for you.  You also have drones which are used for military purposes to assist the forces, for surveying dangerous areas where maybe humans can’t go and for capturing live events or for carrying small items from one place to another.  Then there are automated telephone operators which offer you a list of options over the phone to get through to the right department rather than getting directly through to an actual human operator.  We currently work with a huge telecommunications client who install subsea cabling which is laid on the seabed between land-based stations to carry telecommunications across oceans and sea.  They also run cable laying vessels which work with ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles - a tethered underwater mobile device with lights and cameras that can be controlled in deep water by crew members onboard a floating platform).  None of this would be possible without the advances in technology
If you have ever watched Star Trek as far back as the 1960’s you would have seen the members of the Star Fleet Enterprise using a “communicator” communicating to the ship on handheld flip top communication devices whilst they were on land and the ship was in space.  Farfetched at the time, I know we laughed and thought how unbelievable this was, at the fact that they could hear and communicate with the person on the other end of the handheld device.  Fast forward to 30 years later when mobile phones were invented and have now evolved to the point that you can not only talk to the person on the other end of the phone but you can see them too using the likes of Skype, messenger or WhatsApp etc so maybe not so laughable after all.  Some of our clients use the likes of ‘Skype for business’ so that they can conduct interviews with candidates who are unable to travel to their offices to conduct face to face interviews.  This way they can see and talk to the person at the same time without them being physically present in the same room.
Do we rely on technology too much? What happens if there was no power? Remember when we were bringing in the bells on New Years Eve in 1999, we were told of a millennium bug (or the Y2K bug/glitch) where computers would bring on a doomsday effect causing the market to crash.  We were told we would lose power and suffer from blackouts across the world and aeroplanes would fall out of the sky.  We lived our lives before technology existed, and whilst it has made our working lives more efficient and easier if it did not exist, we would still survive.
Humans are best at what we do and the best thing to do to avoid being replaced in the workplace is to learn multiple skills and be good at them.  Robots don’t understand irrational thought and people prefer to talk to a human so there will still be jobs out there for us humans for the foreseeable future. 
We at Red enjoy working directly with our clients and guiding our candidates through the whole recruitment processes so we will always be happy to speak to you, from one human to another.


Tech created by Humans so Tech will not be better than humans. Human and humanity always succeed.
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