Is Video The Future Of Recruitment?

Is Video The Future Of Recruitment?

 5 Mar 2020

The future of video in recruitment
For the past few years, video has been used more and more in the business world. From social media and online advertising through to simple communication tools for employees. But why has video gained such popularity? It’s all about communication; how we communicate with customers, employees and prospects. Video is personal. It’s not just words written on a page. Video holds a personal message from someone who is creating eye contact with you. It helps us to form ‘bonds’ with people we don’t know, which in turn creates trust. But how will this technology shape the future of the recruitment process?
Video in job advertisements
All recruiters will tell you that getting a job advertisement right is crucial. After all, it is how we are going to attract the best candidates for the role. Words on paper can have many meanings depending on who is reading them, and quite often, they cannot capture the values, passion and enthusiasm that companies have for their brand. The culture, ethics and ‘vibe’ of a company are important factors when it comes down to which jobs candidates apply for. Using video to promote a job can give potential candidates more than just a job spec. It is an opportunity to make contact with your audience and sell your brand. You can give potential candidates a lot of information in a short amount of time, as well as a feel for your brand values and company culture. Best of all, statistically, a video job advert is likely to get up to 800% more engagement than an image or text.
Video for interviews
The move towards flexible working means that companies no longer need to employ people from their local area, widening the net to reach suitable candidates in all areas of the country, even the world. Video interviews are just as effective as face to face interviews; in fact, they can have many more benefits over and above an interview in person, for both the candidate and the company. Candidates are likely to feel more comfortable in a video interview as the stress of sitting opposite a hiring manager is removed. The more relaxed we are, the more of our true self we show and the better able we are to answer the more challenging questions interviewers are likely to ask.
 Many companies operate a two-tier system when it comes to the interview process; the first of these being a means of whittling down the application pool to the best candidates for the role. This round of interviews can be lengthy and time-consuming as many companies will want to interview as wide a talent pool as possible. Performing this round via video can make the entire process more streamlined for businesses, and it also allows hiring managers the opportunity to review interviews at their leisure to ensure they are selecting the best candidates.
Not all companies have the resources to utilise videos on a large scale in the recruiting process. But using video somewhere in the hiring process can greatly improve your chances of finding the best talent for your business. Embedding a video in your website that showcases your brand and culture is a good step forward for any business as part of the hiring process. Firstly, it allows potential candidates the opportunity to find out more about your company. Secondly, attaching a video to a job description can lead to a 200%-300% increase in click-through rates over and above text. It can be attached to job adverts on social media, email and your website. A one-off production cost can be used time and time again to not just improve your hiring potential, but also send a powerful message about your brand to customers, clients and partners.
Video is the only going to become more important in the 21st Century, so getting to grips with it now will stand you in good stead for the future.


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