Supporting Your Staff

Supporting Your Staff

 19 Mar 2020

We’re in the third month of 2020 and some would say it’s been a pretty turbulent start to the year. President Trump almost started World War Three, the bushfires in Australia resulted in 46 million acres of land being destroyed and, perhaps the most spoken about event of 2020, the Covid-19 outbreak has swept across the world in a matter of months. At a time like this when nobody knows what to expect, it’s more important than ever to ensure the happiness and wellness of your employees.
We all want to be happy, but it just isn’t natural to be happy and positive all the time. After all, we’re all human and have good days and bad days. At this current time, you might realise some employees are having more bad days than good, so ask yourself, do you have the tools in place to deal with the ‘bad days’?
As I said, we’re all human, which means we all like different things and respond differently to situations. Some of us are calm and rational, while others can be overthinkers who worry about every possible outcome even though it is out of our control (guilty!). And of course, there are some people who change in between the two or fall somewhere in the middle. If you’re not sure how your staff are feeling the best thing to do is talk to your employees, ask them how they are. It may sound simple, but this is something that people can forget in times like this and as the employer, you may have to take the first step. Did you know only 14% of people feel comfortable talking to their boss about how they are feeling?
According to a study by EBRI in 2019, 78% of workers said that the employee benefits they receive can be the difference in accepting or declining a job offer. Working in recruitment, we come across this time and time again. It isn’t always the salary people are most interested in, it’s the overall package e.g pension, car allowance, private healthcare, etc. Now I would say if you want top talent and happy staff then sometimes, they need rewarding and a simple thing such as breakfast in the office on a Friday can do masses for team morale and overall job satisfaction. Your staff will feel much more appreciated. Private healthcare, sick pay and a decent pension are top of employees' wish lists, so in this time of uncertainty and panic, think about what rewards you can offer to your employees. It doesn’t have to be much, just something that shows them you’re on their side and care about their wellbeing.
Employers need supporting too! Of course, you’re not a DR or a therapist and sometimes we say the wrong thing (also guilty!), so it’s important to know the help and support that’s out there for business owners/managers/employees – there’s more than you may think! Mind (the mental health charity) has a short course on mental health for small businesses’ including helpful tips, hotlines, and advice. I’d thoroughly recommend everyone to take a couple of hours out of their week to complete this Below are some of the sites that are full of free advice, tips, and help. Maybe send an email round to your staff reminding them that there’s help available.
At a time like this the idea of ‘International Day of Happiness’ might seem ridiculous and unimportant but in reality, it’s more important than ever – in a world that desperately needs it, spread a little bit of happiness. I promise it’ll make you feel better.


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