Working from home

Working from home

 2 Apr 2020

I’m on week two of working from home and I must be honest and say, I love it. I feel a lot more productive in my own space, however that doesn’t mean that there aren’t drawbacks to working at home. E.g. the kitchen – all I want to do is eat (this was also the case in the office, but still). As I said, I am enjoying working from home, but I understand not everyone will be feeling the same and that’s okay too, it’s not for everyone. I’m a home bird and love having lazy weekends in the house, but I must admit even I’m going slightly stir crazy in lockdown, not knowing when it will end. But it will! And that’s what we have to keep reminding ourselves and each other – at one point in the near future you will be back to your busy morning commute and buying the Starbucks coffee that you swore you wouldn’t go back to because you’re trying to save money. You will be back in your office with a sore back from your uncomfortable chair and you will be back with your colleagues reminiscing of when it was quiet, and when you had hardly anything to do. This too will pass, but first, we’ve got to follow the government advice and maybe we can learn a few things on the way.
Your job can be done remotely
Flexible working and working from home have been the talk of the town for the last couple of years, with more and more businesses allowing their employees to work from home, but the UK was lagging on this. However, if the current situation has proved anything, it’s that a lot of people’s roles can be done at home with the help of technology (we’re a big fan of Microsoft teams) and everyone making sure the communication lines are kept intact, business can continue as normal.
We need to support each other
Support within your team is key. For some people working at home will be great but for others, not so much. They may not be enjoying it as much or struggling to adapt to the new way you’re doing business. That may be because they are missing the social interaction of the office or they are stuck at home with their other halves and children who are driving them crazy. A message or a quick phone call to check in can go a long way.
Adaptability is key
The world has changed over the last few months and, as all businesses are finding out, unfortunately so has the economy. There is going to be a ‘new normal’, things aren’t going to go back to the way they were. Simply because they can’t, we can’t sustain it – if we don’t learn from this experience, we’ll be in this situation again some point in our lifetimes and I for one don’t want that to happen. So, just like we are adapting our personal lives, we also must adapt the way we do business. That might be offering additional services that allow you to gain another source of income during this time (that hopefully you could continue providing), building up stronger relationships with your existing clients and building new ones. After all, we all have something in common to speak about now!
We got this
No business owner, no employee, no person could have foreseen the world’s economy being turned upside down in a matter of weeks. Nobody could have foreseen our way of life being changed beyond recognition in less than a month and nobody could have foreseen 2020 unfolding like this. But every opportunity is an opportunity to learn and as such, we must learn from this. You never know, your business and your team may come out of this whole experience stronger. But for now, we just keep doing what we’re doing and taking it one day at a time.


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