Video Conferencing Etiquette

Video Conferencing Etiquette

 9 Apr 2020

Given the marked increase in Video Conference calls with colleagues, suppliers and clients I have pulled together 7 fun top tips to help those that are just getting to grips with the technology.
1. The Mute button is your friend – put mute on if you are not speaking and remember to turn mute off if you are – if you take one thing away from this let then this should be it.
2. Dial in early – there are quite a few different Video conf apps now so check which one you are using, make sure you have the app downloaded, and dial in early so you have time to sort any technological teething problems. Even better call someone else beforehand to test the tech!
3. Actually Listen – don’t be distracted. If there are a lot of people on the call, don’t be tempted to check emails / FB / BBC News 24 as you’ll lose track of what’s going on and it will be “Sod’s Law” that your boss will ask you a direct question and you will have no idea what’s going on. Cue the rabbit in the headlights look!
4. Listening face – make sure you perfect your listening face and control any other expressions that might give away what you are actually thinking!
5. Backdrop – think about what’s behind you. No need to be too anal about this but just double-check you are comfortable with your colleagues seeing everything that is over your shoulder.
6. Clothes – no need to be super-smart but PJ’s is probably a no-no.
7. Never work with Children or Animals? – that used to be the mantra before COVID-19 – but things have changed quite significantly now – so it’s understandable that people have families and pets and often it’s nice to see the softer side of people and how they interact with them. Just make sure you keep mute on if you have to ‘politely’ ask your children to be quiet.
Good luck out there and stay safe.


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