Lockdown Activity

Lockdown Activity

 22 Apr 2020

How is everyone keeping occupied during the lockdown?
I have been speaking to loads of candidates and clients over the last few weeks and everyone seems to be dealing with the lockdown situation in different ways.
I’ve had a lot of people saying they have taken up a new form of exercise (yoga seems to be a popular once amongst the people I have spoken with), some have started doing DIY around the house (all the tasks that they previously never had time to do) but then there are some that are already climbing the walls in despair.  If you are one of the unfortunate people that have been made redundant or laid off during this crisis then I understand that this will be an extremely tough time, but as well as doing some kind of exercise or activity to keep you busy remember this is a good time to think about what you want from your next role, once things get back to ‘normal’.
Why not spend this time getting yourself ready so when thinks pick up you will be ready and raring to go:
CV check – Firstly, is it up to date?  You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that send us old versions of their CVs. Take this time to properly look at your CV - quite often CVs are updated quickly and in a bit of rush when applying for a job, so spend this time reviewing it.  Does it have all of the key information on it?  It is in a clear format, and easy to follow/read?  Does it show off your skills and experience the way you want.  There is no need to have any fancy fonts or images/backgrounds on it, this just distracts the reader - they don’t want to hunt around to find the information, they want to be able to quickly and clearly see your skills/experience.  And always remember to spell check it before sending it over.
Refresh your skills – There are a number of online/virtual training sessions being offered.  Why not spend your time doing something productive that you can add to your CV.   Think about what skills you already have that you could improve on.  For example do you use Excel on a daily basis but only have basic knowledge…why not check out some advanced online training to sharpen up your skills.  Alternatively you could also try learning some completely new skills - I have heard a number of people say they are trying to learn a new language as there a lot of apps out now that can help you with this.  Even if you don’t think this is something that will benefit your career later on it doesn’t have to all be about work.  It’s important to keep the brain active and to do things that you enjoy too.  
Remember to then update your CV with any suitable new or improved skills you acquire during this lockdown. 
Interview Technique - There is no harm in brushing up on your interview skills whilst you are off.  A lot of standard interviews can be competency based.  Whether you love them or loathe them they are something that you can practise and prepare for.  There are a number of websites that give you common competency-based questions, why not practice with these, get you used to thinking about different scenarios that you have dealt from your previous employment.  When preparing for a competency based interview I always advise people to think about the STAR method to ensure you are giving a structured answer.  
Here are some useful links to have a look at:
Speak to some recruitment agencies – There are a number of agencies out there that will be able to help with your search.  Spend a bit of time looking at which agencies specialise in your industry/sector and reach out to them.  Like most, recruiters have more spare time on their hands than normal so will be glad to be able to help and advise you.  Most agencies these days will allow you to register online too so get your CV out there and see what they can do for you. 
Click here to register with Red:
https://www.redconsult.co.uk/register.aspx or give us a call on 0141 231 1170 for a general chat.  
Use LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a free platform for candidates so make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and has all your current job details and skills on it. Recruiters use LinkedIn heavily to headhunt so make sure your profile is there to be seen.  It’s also a good way for you to connect in with relevant people within your industry/sector.  Use this time to make useful connections and keep up to date with what is happening within the industry/sector.   
One thing you definitely don’t want to do is look back on this time and feel like you wasted an opportunity, wishing you had done more when you had the time to do it.  When the lockdown ends everything is going to change again (this time hopefully for the better) but this time we can be ready for it!!  
Keep positive and make the most of this time to prepare for your future!! 




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