Home Schooling Tips during COVID-19

Home Schooling Tips during COVID-19

 14 May 2020

My alarm goes off at 8am, later than it normally would due to COVID-19 lockdown, it’s a glorious morning and the sun is streaming through the gap in the curtains, I snooze for a few short minutes...and then I suddenly remember that my wife and I are in charge of our 3 children's home schooling for the rest of the day. I cry a little bit inside and can feel the blood slowly draining from my face.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my children, but they appear to have turned into feral monsters over the course of this lockdown period. I am sure many of you feel the same way and are experiencing a similar waking nightmare, trying to juggle home schooling with work, alongside trying to maintain some element of decorum in the house, eating healthily and trying not to get divorced.
I am by no means an expert but have pulled together 5 helpful tips for home schooling:
1. Lower your expectations - They say it’s a good idea to maintain a routine with the kids, so I wake them, ask them to make their beds, change out of their PJ's and put some 'normal' clothes on for breakfast so that they are ready to start the day in a positive mindset. However, if you have ever tried negotiating with a 6-year old, you will know that resistance is futile so inevitably they'll all end up downstairs shovelling Coco Pops in various nighties, pants and dressing gowns with hair like Stig of The Dump.
2. Preparation is key - Spend ten minutes the night before printing off their work and writing a timetable of Zoom calls with ALL the passwords.  Those calm ten minutes would translate as 30 minutes of thrashing through paper with off-the-charts blood pressure.  You can also use the timetable to carve out chunks of the day where you can use the laptop, to have a client call.
3. Divide and conquer - If you are home schooling with your partner split the day up into chunks of ownership.  My wife makes breakfast and gets the kids going on their first tasks which gives me 30 minutes to crank out some emails and have a work call.  I do lunch - I am not sure what Karen does but she is meant to be working...
4. Distraction techniques - If you are on your own use David Attenborough or other shows which are available to stream to buy yourself small chunks of time.  But be realistic - a five-year-old might not make it through half an hour.  Most clients will understand if you preface your call with - there is a chance I will have to bail at some point if, for example, my kid tries to flush their tortoise down the loo.
5. Set an end of day - Even if the school work is not done at 3pm, call it a day and let them watch YouTube or Tik Tok or whatever you are comfortable with.  We get a good hour at 3pm to actually get things done before they start trying to kill each other with cardboard weapons again.
Above all, I know it’s a cliché these days but don’t stress it too much, the wee ones will be fine (eventually) and we'll all get through this one way or another.
Good luck out there.
By Matthew Welstead


Thanks for a fantastic write up. Lovely children survival tips during corona lockdown. 👌
Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2020 23:35 by Josephine Macleod

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