What is recruitment marketing automation?

Recruitment marketing automation

 16 Dec 2021

In today's Covid climate, we have seen an increase in the number of companies faced with staff shortages. Many employees have left for pastures new, looking for a different direction in life, and the recruitment sector hasn't been immune to this. So, if you find yourself in a smaller team, or you already work for a small business but still have the same high-volume workload (especially if the sectors you recruit for have flourished in the pandemic) with a high turnover to fill, how can you complete it all without suffering from burnout? We're all human, get sick, and need to take annual leave. Recruitment marketing automation (RMA) may be the solution to all your problems. 
What can it do for you?  
Recruitment marketing automation uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analysis and machine learning to align sales and marketing strategies in one place and free up your time. There's a multitude of software for you to choose from that all pretty much do the same things. The main sell is pre-programming to complete repetitive manual tasks that you do every day, such as: 
  • mundane admin
  • social media posts
  • distributing job adverts across multiple sites
  • screening candidates
  • scheduling interviews 
Think of it as an autopilot for recruitment, allowing you precious time to focus on more worthwhile tasks, like in-depth interviews with candidates. Building strong relationships is key to recruitment. Candidates are more likely to go for a role if they feel understood and know their personal values align with that of the company. Being free to give your full attention and reassurance can show putting them forward for a particular role is honest, meaningful and considered. Even if they don't get this role, they are more likely to re-apply for future vacancies.
Setting up automated social media posts allows you to sync across all platforms, reaching more potential candidates and clients than before. It gives you the opportunity to build your brand by highlighting industry trends, opening up discussions and offering support along the lines of resume advice. The more you can engage and the more knowledge you can show, the more trust you build. This will serve to strengthen current relationships and attract new clients who weren't necessarily looking for a new role (until they saw your posts), with the potential to increase revenue. Think of brands like Apple and how they are perceived as a great place to work, with staff satisfaction. The more your presence is seen, and your organisation's goals and ideals are visible, the more you become a trusted brand - Attracting clients who want to work for your brand or be placed by you. 
Data is gold 
In this digital age, data is the new currency. Most companies have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, but what do you do with all that data once you have it? Almost half of candidates drop out of the application process along the way. This can be for many reasons - no time to complete lengthy applications, the role isn't quite right, or they aren't really ready to change roles just yet. 
RMA can use the data you hold to give you useful statistics like average spend per hire, or it can build a strong talent pipeline of applicants who didn't complete and candidates you have already placed—allowing you to offer a personalised approach for each individual. Keeping in touch with candidates once placed helps to develop a relationship, so they return to you for their next search. Identifying at which step of the process candidates drop out can also be incredibly beneficial. Is your application process too tedious, or do you not give applicants enough time to prepare for interviews? RMA can track all of this information. 
Emotional Intelligence
While RMA can certainly be valuable and efficient, it isn't a magic wand for hiring talent. It will never replace the emotional intelligence - human emotions, empathy, intuition and nurturing - that is needed for the success of a company and its employees and clients.


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