Hiring great talent

Hiring great talent

 27 Jan 2022

Why hiring great talent should be your number one priority
As we welcome a new year with new resolutions, is it your business strategy to grow and be successful? Has your team set goals to stay ahead of the game and your competitors? If yes, then recruiting (not only) great talent but the right talent for your company is critical to this success.
What’s the difference between hiring and recruiting?
Hiring is simple, easy and fast. You advertise your vacancy, and candidates actively looking for a new role contact you. 
Recruitment, however, is a bit of a different process. It takes effort and time, but it is essential to find the right person for your company. It involves researching potential candidates and then reaching out, highlighting their expertise and convincing them why they should leave their current role to join you. There’s often strong competition, but it should be viewed as a necessary investment.  Using a recruitment agency can be key to getting this process right.  They are experts in their field, with a wide network of contacts so can save you a lot of time and effort by completing part of the process for you.   
Reasons Why
Unfilled positions and bad hiring can cost your business, not only financially but also in productivity. Filling these vacancies with the best suited and highly skilled candidates will relieve pressure for team members temporarily covering the workload, bring in fresh ideas, motivate and inspire the team, and help to create a positive company culture. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in revenue.
Spending that extra bit of time researching and discussing the role with the candidate will establish a solid working relationship before they start and give you the confidence they believe in the company core values and strategy. You will be safe in the knowledge you hired a skilled, dedicated employee who is likely to stick around.  And whilst this can take a little bit longer, by engaging with a recruitment agency to support you with your recruitment they can do this part of the process for you. 
Investing time with candidates will also help to speed up your recruitment process in the future. Candidates who, for whatever reason, are not right for a role at that moment will help to build a strong future talent pipeline that you can return to when new roles arise. This will stop any panic hiring, which can be detrimental to your team. Keep in touch with candidates, keep them engaged, show your enthusiasm, and you will eventually speed up your recruiting process.
Talent first
Hiring talent should be at the top of every company’s agenda. Each role should be seen as an opportunity to employ the very best. It needs to be a priority discussion for all team members from the board down and reviewed regularly. It sends out a companywide message that talent is important, making current employees feel involved and validated. 
Employee satisfaction is often discussed among peers, and building a reputation of strong employee satisfaction will help you draw in the top talent, making you look desirable to work for. Even if you currently have no roles to fill, focusing on your brand and reputation can excite candidates about joining you in the future.
Most companies think nothing of spending large amounts on new technology, marketing and business intelligence. This new year, make it your resolution to invest in people. Ensuring the outlook of your company is focused on acquiring the best talent and a positive company culture. There’s no better time to start than now.
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