Job Hunt Tips #15 – Develop Your Skills

 28 Mar 2017

Continual development should be a goal for everyone and not just those looking for a new job.  There is a lot of support worldwide for allocating 10% of your salary to a development fund each year. When you think about it using 2015’s average salary of £27,600, would allow you to have a development fund of £2,700 for the year.  There are plenty of training courses that you can go on for that amount that will improve your skillset and make you more attractive to potential employers. 

Obviously, you could use this to develop in more than a professional sense perhaps teaching yoga would be your thing or even starting flying lessons with the aim of getting your private pilot’s licence.  Allowing ourselves to be happy and enjoy various activities is vitally important to being successful in life never mind in our careers. 

I had never completed a PDP (personal development plan) until I was in 1st year at university, to be honest I don’t even think I had heard of it at that point in my life.  Ever since that day I have had created a PDP for every year and I now swear by them.  Writing goals down is half the battle to actually achieving them.  It doesn’t have to be too complicated and you can simply start with 3 development goals for both your personal life and professional life for the year ahead.  Once you have this down start to look for training providers and maybe even funding opportunities.  ILA also offer £200 a year for certain approved courses.

If you have been out of work for a while the government will also offer assistance for certain training courses and this can be the kick start that we need to get back into the job market.


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