Job Hunt #16 – How recruiters search for you on LinkedIn

 28 Mar 2017

I would imagine that most of you haven’t used or even seen LinkedIn Recruiter.

This is a tool that is used by recruiters (funnily enough) and allows us to search for candidates for any of the jobs that we are working on.  It’s a fairly simple process but the results that we get from any search depend largely on the amount of detail that you as a candidate have on your profile.

For example, a while back I was looking for candidates with Mifid 2 experience amongst a couple of other must have requirements for one of our clients in Scotland.  From doing an initial search in Scotland there were not a lot of candidates coming up in my search.  After expanding this search to the UK there were a greater number of candidates that met the desired skills and experience. The results can be explained simply by saying that there were far more people with that experience in England than there were in Scotland at that time.  But truthfully these results were not representative of what was really going on. 

Several of the candidates that eventually went forward for interview that were actually based in Scotland didn’t have a completed LinkedIn profile and 1 didn’t have a LinkedIn profile at all.  I have no issue with people staying away from social media, in fact, at this point LinkedIn is my only form of social media simply because it is a tool for work. But if you are looking for work it is an essential online job market place.  There are over 30,000 recruitment companies in the UK alone, so you can only imagine how many recruiters there are using LinkedIn recruiter day in day out.

In order to appear in our searches you need to make sure that you have all of your training courses on your profile, a full description of your work history with plenty of detail for each role.  Think of the different key words that you would relate to the jobs that you have done and want to do then make sure that they appear throughout your profile. 

Don’t let yourself slip through the net on LinkedIn, get to work on your profile today.


I want to find because I love a nice hospitality, but I am 43 and it is very difficult maybe because I was out of the area several years. I hope a phone call every day. Is it possible?
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