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 3 Apr 2017

Over the past decade ‘social media’ or more commonly known these days as ‘social’ has become a major part of the marketing strategy of most businesses and professionals worldwide.  It is amazing how quickly the marketplace has changed in recent years without even considering the quarter on quarter changes that can completely shift the way in which we interact with our customers, employees, friends and future employees.
With the launch of Facebook jobs the lines are becoming more and more blurred as to where one platform ends and another takes over.  Linkedin, known to all as the social platform for your online CV and a way to build your professional network online is under attack from Zuckerberg with the latest addition of Facebook jobs. With that change the realisation that, whilst Facebook is a social network that has largely been dominated by personal updates, it may not stay that way and that it may become more difficult to keep your different online profiles and “brands” separate.
Getting the most from your social media
“The average person has 5 social media accounts and spends on average 1 hour and 40 minutes every day on these sites.”
Think of your own usage for a moment…How much time do you spend on social media?   How much of that time do you spend actively trying to build your personal brand or your professional brand?  It’s entirely up to the individual how they want to engage with social media but there is huge opportunity at this stage to establish yourself as an influencer in your field because these social juggernauts are still in their infancy in the grand scheme of things.  If you think about it, the smartphone is like the TV in the 1940’s, when it had really started to drown out the radio, as the smart phone is doing to the TV at this moment in time.  So, using that example for the current time we all have an amazing opportunity to build our reputation as an online influencer in our industry for the long term. 
What content should you post?
Focussing on delivering value should be the sole purpose of what you post.  There is no quicker way to turn people off than by spamming them with constant calls to transact.  It will be worth your while to create engaging content wherever you can, if you are struggling try to document rather than create.  You would be surprised how much the world would want to know about your journey no matter what you do.  Have you been through a career change of late or are you starting a new business?  Who wouldn’t want to read about, watch or listen to that journey?  For me recruiting is amazing in that I get to hear peoples journeys every single day, when you can get a candidate to open up it is amazing what you can learn.  I would recommend that you let the world know what is going on in your life or industry and offer the value of your experience good and bad.
What platforms are there?
Facebook – Typically thought of as the personal space, Facebook has just launched their Facebook Jobs function and you can now apply for jobs using your profile, lookout LinkedIn.  Facebook has also just launched Facebook Stories which will keep posts for 24 hours before deleting them like Snapchat.  Facebook live is great if you have an event going on and you want to document it, or alternatively you can use it when you are at an event again building your brand as a community influencer in your industry. 
Instagram – Instagram is massive and if I am honest this is my Achilles heel, but with Instagram you have the functionality of Facebook with the aesthetics of images and video to demonstrate your skills, experience and generally what is going on.  Personally, I look to Instagram for inspiration before hitting the gym as there is some excellent content from personal trainers across the globe.
YouTube – Not exactly a social media platform but with the increasing popularity of vlogs it is becoming more and more of a social platform allowing everyone to show off what they know and what they are doing.  This is the perfect platform to document what you are doing in your career if you can get over the initial embarrassment of talking into a camera in front of others.
LinkedIn – At the moment it is the professional network of choice and should be used to try and build your professional network.  It has excellent blog functions that we should all take full advantage of.  There has been amazing success in recent years of meet-ups off of the back of Linkedin groups where we can all meet up face to face and strengthen our networks in key areas.
Twitter – Although it’s been getting hounded of late and is apparently a falling away platform, twitter is excellent for allowing you to search for other influencers in your industry worldwide using the hashtags to your advantage.
Snapchat – Often ignored as people don’t know what to post in their day to day but Snapchat, like YouTube is perfect for documenting your day to day life.


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