Recruiting Vs Hiring

 4 Apr 2017

How would you differentiate between Recruiting and Hiring? Do you think there is a difference at all?  For many companies there is no difference.   
Hiring is more of a passive act where an ad is posted on your website and maybe other job boards and you sit back and review the CV's that come in.  This approach is OK and in certain circumstances can result in some positive additions to your team but there is a certain element of luck involved. 
Recruiting is a completely different beast.  If you are recruiting you are active in your market and constantly searching trying to uncover the best talent in your field.  Yes, recruiting does include the hiring process but that is just one of many tools that we use.   
Imagine a fisherman that has one full year to fish a normal size loch (or lake for anyone outside Scotland!). The first day he sets his rod up, baits his line and casts out at the first point he reaches.  Off course he might do well and catch some fish that day and no doubt enjoy himself at the same time.  This fisherman for the rest the year then fishes the same spot every single day with the same bait and one rod.  Come the end of the year what does he really know about the fish and the fishing on that loch?  Does he know the best places to fish on that loch or indeed the best bait to use on that loch?  Probably not unless he has stumbled down to the best point on the loch and luckily picked the best bait to use.   
Now imagine that another fisherman spends a full year on that same loch with several rods, nets and boats every day.  He spends a few days fishing one designated area before moving on and trying again at a different spot, he sets nets up at different points at different times of day and takes his fish to the market to sell, he then reinvests the profits into extra equipment or help and starts to offer the fish a free iPad for referring any other fish to his baits.  How much do you think this fisherman would have learned about the loch and its fishing come the end of the year? Do you think he would have caught more fish than his counterpart? 
Hiring is simply one rod in the overall recruitment process, there is a huge difference between the two.  When we are constantly engaging with the top talent on social media, by phone, networking events, charity events, job boards and experimenting with different job boards we are recruiting.  Its not easy and its not for everyone but for us it’s a constantly evolving and engaging skill and its one that we can't get enough of. 


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