Searching for jobs on LinkedIn

Searching for jobs on LinkedIn

 18 May 2017

With the latest updates on LinkedIn it is apparent that there are many people out there that are not entirely sure how they can use LinkedIn as a job board as well as a social platform.  Given that the search box has no options when you click in it it may not be obvious how to find a job.  I will explain this part below.  I will also highlight other ways that you can search through LinkedIn and find any jobs that may be out there.
The actual job board part of LinkedIn can be accessed via the search bar in the top left hand corner of any page on LinkedIn.  For this blog post we will use the job “buyer” as our example so if you type in Buyer into the search bar you will be taken to a similar page as the one below.
You can see from above that there is now an option below the search bar to look for jobs, simply click on this jobs tab.  You will then be taken to the following page:
As you can see from the search above there are 2,186 results for Buyer Jobs in the UK.  From this page you can change your search criteria or filter the results by location, company, date posted etc down the right hand side of this page.  From here on out you can apply for various jobs that take your fancy using your LinkedIn profile, at this point I would still recommend that you attach a copy of your CV to the application or go through your LinkedIn profile and make sure that everything is up to date and comprehensive.
You can also take the bull by the horns and have a look on individual company pages if you have a few companies that you would be interested working for.  If there are no opportunities at that point it might be worthwhile connecting with the individuals that have posted previous jobs for that company so that should a new position you would be interested in come up you will see that connections post on your feed.
You also have the ability to create a search alert on the job search page (highlighted in blue on the right hand side in the image above).  You will then receive an email from LinkedIn with any new positions that match your search criteria.  This is an excellent "set it and forget it" tactic that will allow you to focus your energy elsewhere in the knowledge that you will hear about any new positions as soon as they become live.
There are still many more jobs available that are posted on LinkedIn that will not come up in the traditional job search.  For example, recruiters might post a job on their feed that will have a link to apply on their own website.  Taking my latest post for example, I have posted an ad for a Business Development Manager for one of our clients near Glasgow.  If we are connected on LinkedIn then you may see this post and be able to apply, tag a colleague or share it with your network.  If, however, we are not connected you would only see this if someone in your network had liked, commented or shared this post on your own feed.  So, it is worthwhile looking through your feed for job opportunities as well as using the job search function as previously discussed.
With the steady increase in the use of hashtags on LinkedIn there are opportunities for both recruiters and job searchers to use hashtags to their advantage.  If you are looking for sales jobs typing in #sales or #salesjobs will bring you some results.  There are multiple entries that you can try to find any jobs in your chosen profession, you will also be able to grow your network with people in this industry, recruiters working in this industry if they regularly use hashtags that you continuously use.
So there you have it several ways you can easily search for jobs on LinkedIn.  If this has helped you or if you have anything else that you would like to add feel free to leave a comment below 


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