Banker vs Recruiter

Banker vs Recruiter

 24 Aug 2017

Having spent all of my professional career in one of these two much-maligned industries - Investment Banking and Recruitment – and being over 2 years into my current role as Managing Director and owner of Red, I thought it would be an interesting time to reflect on the highs, lows and learnings over the past 17 years!
Before the Credit Crunch, going to a dinner party and saying I was an Investment Banker in London had some negative connotations and would elicit the odd groan, but there was still an element of intrigue. Post-2007, saying the same thing would have resulted in me being chased out of the room with pitch forks, so I tended to stay relatively quiet and not mention the Blood-sucking Vampire Squid.
Fast forward 10 years and, having now moved into Recruitment in Scotland, I sometimes get that same reaction and feel that, whilst both industries have their pariahs, much of my career has been spent trying to prove those naysayers wrong.
As a banker and recruiter I believe very strongly that we add a huge amount of value to people’s lives – whether that be helping a family-owned Renewable Energy business raise new capital to invest in wind turbines; or helping a relatively junior candidate find a new, rewarding role with a company that will support their career development and personal growth.
All of this experience has been very rewarding and invaluable in helping me navigate the world of running a small business. Building a motivated, high-performing team has been key to my approach with Red, giving colleagues a real say in the future strategy of the company and empowering individuals to make suggestions and drive the business in a way that has client AND candidate at its core.
I can’t mention a 17-year career without talking about the immense changes in technology over this period of time and I am very excited to see developments in this space over the next 17+ years.
All this might seem a bit self-indulgent but I am proud to have contributed to both of these industries and would encourage any new school-leavers and Graduates to think seriously about starting a career in Banking or Recruitment as they have so much to offer, as long as you have the right mentality and values; and stay true to them.
(by Matthew Welstead)


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