Are we future fit recruiters?

Are we future fit recruiters?

 2 Nov 2017

You're damn right we are!
All joking aside we attended the Savage brothers Savage Sprint Seminar this morning in Glasgow, this seminar was designed to shake up the audience and perhaps force them into a realisation that the world of recruitment is changing, depending on your standpoint it might be for the better or for the worse. Greg and Chris took us on a journey and in their own unique style prepared us for what it will take to be successful in the AI focused future of recruitment.
I enjoyed the seminar greatly, it was very much in line with my outlook on the future of our industry and business as a whole. There were plenty of hacks thrown in for good measure throughout the morning, many that we employ at the moment but many that I haven't even realised existed.
Throughout the session, I would criticise myself and try to think of ways that I can improve and essentially future proof myself within the industry. It's an important question that we should ask of ourselves no matter the industry we work in, we can quite easily bury our heads in the sand, or if you live like I do in the West coast of Scotland, bury our heads in the mud and continue to do what we do again and again without different results.
Or, we can take stock of what is going on around us and then think about how much of what we do is a waste of time or what tasks we do that are completely inefficient but make us feel busy or needed. This is where AI will be taking over in the not too distant future, algorithms that can do a large part of our work will potentially cost jobs down the line but it is up to us to triple down on personal or social skills and build trust with our clients and establish ourselves as a true expert in our field, I believe Chris put it across as 'simply' knowing 5% more than your peers is enough to be regarded as a leader.
For the moment, I would like to think that my colleagues and I are on the right path, we constantly ask the questions of ourselves and each other and we aim to build genuine relationships with candidates and clients across the globe.
This only takes in a small part of what it takes to future proof yourself but if you want to hear about the rest of the takeaways from today's event I suppose you are going to have to attend the next event the brothers put on.
Special thanks go out to all from Firefish who organised the event bringing industry thought leaders to Glasgow and obviously to Chris and Greg Savage. Links to both below:
By Gordon Rennie


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