9 Nov 2017

I am probably not the best person to be writing a blog about social media. I am a 40 year old hard-line Generation X-er (brought up on Grunge and Indie Rock; it was all about working hard and playing hard, but I suppose we were at least ever-so-slightly more Tech-savvy than the Baby Boomers).

The rest of my team, however, are Millennials and I am learning from them every day when it comes to technology. They introduced me to the wonders of Whatsapp and keep threatening to set me up on Snapchat. Having listened to Greg Savage (THE recruitment Guru) last week it is abundantly clear that Social Media is the way forward and it is important for businesses and business leaders to keep up.

But here's the thing - is it just me or is the content on most popular social media platforms just morphing into the same thing? Are we all guilty of posting the same (or similar) status updates, photo or link to that interesting article in multiple places - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ever more so on Linkedin? And this links back to my previous blog about getting back to the core of life, we are all so distracted and it makes no sense to spend our time circling back through 5 different apps and seeing the same update!

I may sound old saying this but what are the rules, and if there are no rules, where is this all heading? Will there come a point in the not-so-distant future where all the social media platforms just merge together so we only have to post one update/photo/opinion/job advert and everyone will see it. Perhaps that is the lazy approach but if we are truly committed to the nuances of each platform then let's celebrate those too!

And apparently Snapchat is old hat now (so I need to think about adopting that soon) and the platform current school leavers are using is Yik Yak.....

I have quite a catchy name for my new holistic Social Media platform...

# instafacetwitwhatschat

You heard it here first. 


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